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Firstly kitten needs to apologise, she has been lax in posting on here if only for the fact she has been busy and for that she is sorry,

By now you will know that kitten is with Master, she is living with Him as His property, His slave and that is something that has been two fold for her, in one way it is like coming home, and in another way it is like leaning to live again, both coming together to make kittens life more complete.

There have been a few times over the past three weeks that kitten has had doubts, not with Master but with life situations and they have been worked on and all the fears have been discussed and a solution has been worked out, kitten is not daft enough to believe that the teething problems have been all she will face but as long as kitten has Master to talk things through with then she is sure there are no problems she cannot deal with.

When kitten got off the plane she was shaking, for so long she had heard that Master and her sister were playing her, were taking her for a fool, yet not once did kitten get that impression from Him in all her interactions, but as with all things, if you listen to something enough you will start to have doubts, well there are no doubts now, Master is all that He said He was and in some ways more.

Kitten has learnt that Master has a wicked sense of humour * usually to kittens cost * and the sound of Him laughing fills the house on a regular basis, that said, He also has a serious side that you can talk with, ask advice * something kitten is still learning to do and to be honest not doing to well at, is harder to hide what kitten is thinking or feeling though now that He is along side kitten daily*and the serious side is one which is can be depended on to give you honest unbiased opinions and advice.

Play times * not really anyone’s business but kitten knows there are still a few doubters* are wonderful, going to the beach and trying to cover a bruised ass and tits makes for an interesting outfit combination !! Why cover them up ? Because society does not readily understand this life and kitten does not want people to look at Master and judge Him, that said, the getting of the bruises is wonderful and something kitten feels is part of her, something she loves and at times needs to be able to free her mind from all the thinking she does. There is another way that kitten settles her mind, its unfortunately not for anyone else’s knowledge apart from the fact Master says kitten better not be unsettled at the mall or W/we could B/both end up in jail !! Again this is something Master knows when kitten needs and at the moment He is allowing it, while at the same time working on other methods for her to feel the safety net around her.

There is so much that kitten could and should write but where do you stop ? What do you say and not say ? All kitten can say with 100% certainty is that she is Masters kitten 24/7 and that is like coming home, to a life and a Master who completes kittens life, and  that kitten can never express enough


Kitten loves the paddle, whether she is good or bad, she enjoys to be spanked * ok as a punishment it leaves something to be desired but kitten not complaining * however kitten has now finally come to realise the hr Master is a tease, without a doubt and with no other word for Him, He loves to tease kitten !

Kitten was told last night that Master was counting how many paddles He is going to give kitten, great she thought, her face lighting up, however He then added …….. “ in 4.5 years “ kitten was WTH !!!!! 4.5 years, that is 1626 days,39025 hours,2341440 minutes !!!!

Now heres the thing, if kitten doesn’t get spanked, then will her ass be too soft for the paddles, omg can you imagine, kitten and no paddle, thats like coffee with no water, or yin with no yan, its not normal at all.

So now kitten is on her best behaviour * well as best as kitten can get * she wants to prove to Master she can be an angel and she does deserve to be treated, you can keep the cuddles and the kisses, they are something kitten does not like at all, give her a paddle and watch her smile * and moan and groan and wriggle, lol watch kitten purrrrr *

So if kitten is bad then she will accept she deserves a cuddle and a kiss * nope* but if she is good * as she is always * then she deserves a paddle

Guess this goes to show, one slaves pleasure is another slaves pain, and it seems Master wants to teach kitten the finer arts of kissing and cuddling, kitten was at one stage trying to suggest trades, but for some reason * ok for a lot of reasons * kitten soon discovered that rrading with Master is not a good idea, lol not at all !! Master is as quick as a flash when it comes to that type of thing and kitten ended up getting in such a pickle she was not sure if she was sitting down or standing up,

So now we wait and see, the only thing kitten can do is hope that Master forgets, and if she keeps changing the subject then it might just work, pillows, kissing and cuddling ? hhhhmmmm not really kittens thing, she has little experience with them and knows she is no good at them so she tends to keep away from things she cannot do, so fingers crossed Master forgets

kitten has found a new site, lol you all know kitten loves to find the good things on the internet, well she has found  this http://www.kinkilink.com/ its a site for all things sex, pictures, videos,stories etc  its great fun, and all the things you might like in one place !!!

To registar just fill in your name and email as normal, its in beta ( ok kitten never knew what that meant either ) so it will show an error page when you press the registar link but refresh and log in and you will be registared.

kitten looks forward to seeing you all you have to submit, but if you just want to browse then thats fine as well

Kitten has found this great dictionary, got a few things in here that even kitten didn’t know, take a look and lol you might be surprised at what you do and don’t know !!


Do you ever wish for something so bad that you can almost picture it as a reality? Do you have dreams, hopes and desires that you know will make you a happier, more ‘together’ person than you think you are at present? Do you ever close your eyes and let your mind wander to how your life could be if just a few of your dreams become reality?

Kitten does daily, she knows what she wants, what she dreams of and what she yearns for, and these dreams keep her going, she needs her dreams to focus on as at the moment she has no set direction in her life, oohh she knows what she wants and what she dreams of so in a way guess that’s a focus but as usual there are obstacles to get around before the dreams become realities and in that way then kitten has no direction in her life as the obstacles and problems keep changing.

In every walk of life there are things and people that are there to bring another one down and this life is no different, in some ways it is worse as it is a smaller social sect and unlike in the vanilla life where you might go your whole life without meeting anyone who disagrees with you, in this life, as it is a smaller community, you are bound to find a few who like to bring you down with out you even looking for them. Their opinions should not matter, the life you lead is your life not theirs but unfortunately they do affect you, no matter who you are, others have the power to destroy you if you let them, the key is to not let them and to rise above them, be the bigger person and walk away. Everyone is allowed their opinions and that is how it should be, but it is up to you if you let their opinions cloud your judgement and steer you from the life you crave.

The path to happiness is a twisting and bump one, its one that only you can travel and when you travel that path alone then all the pit stops along the way can make you feel either overwhelmed and insignificant or it can make you as think you are invincible, both things that can lead to their own troubles, there are so many things that kitten feels as she travels the path she has chosen, she feels alone at times, she feels weak and powerless as things are thrown at her, she feels sad but at times elated, damn this is a hard path she has chosen but it is one she needs to take ? Why? Because kitten needs to live, she needs to be alive and at the end of this path is her life so that is why she does it.

Kitten knows that the things she faces are to many people small and insignificant but to kitten when you add them all up they do make a whole mountain of stuff to climb and negotiate, and that is a hard thing to do on your own, but kitten is kitten and she will climb the problems and obstacles and make her way to the top, lol its what kitten does best, and once at the top she will know that everything has been worthwhile

Kitten reads a lot of blogs from different people, both Dom’s and Masters subs and slaves and it is amazing the difference of opinion that they all share about the BDSM life, some hae very stark views which in kittens opinion borders on abuse and then there are the ones who are so laid back they are horizontal.

The one thing that most of them have in common though is respect, they all have an enormous amount of respect for the ones to whom they either accept submission from or who they give submission to, and that is one thing kitten admires, RESPECT.

Kitten hears a lot about how it is not a slaves right to ask for anything and she is supposed to be happy with what ever her Master decides she is worth, be it time spent with her or in what tasks He gives her and this kitten does agree with to a certain extent BUT kitten also thinks that even a slave deserves a certain amount of respect as if a Dom/Master does not respect His property then in effect that property is worthless.

Kitten can see sisters throwing their hands up in horror that kitten says this, but if nothing else kitten is honest, both with herself and with her Master and has spoken to Him on occasions about things that kitten thinks and needs, a happy slave means that a Dom/Master will be happy as well as she will go that extra step in serving Him. To not talk to those You own means they are left floundering in what You wish from them, to not use them sexually is one thing, to not use them for domestic chores is another but to not speak or interact with them at all is something that should not happen as this lowers the relationship to a mere friendship status. How many times have you seen your friends in the street that you haven’t spoken to for ages and can have a five minute chat with them and go on your way ,,, a few kitten should think,,,, well this is what will happen to a D/s or M/s relationship if there is no communication and no interaction.

Kitten just wishes those who pretend that life is all good and well while secretly being eaten away when interaction with others take place as they wish it was them would just be honest with themselves and those who own them, its not alright or they would not keep writing about it, talk to your Dom/Master, explain your feelings, kitten has yet to meet a Dom or Master who does not listen, might take a few times and might take a few periods of being accused of not really being submissive and wanting to Domme from the bottom but ultimately a Dom or Master will be able to answer a sub/slaves fears and so enable them to move forward in the relationship.

The thing kitten thinks that needs to be remembered is that everyone needs to be spoken to, take this from someone who was ignored for years, yes a Dom or Master decides the level of interaction and the way a sub or slave will serve Him to complete His life but a sub or slave should also know that she had the basic right to communication, without that there is no relationship.

Many ask what being a sub/slave entails, and to be honest there is no one single answer as each Dom/Master is different so therefore it stands to reason that what they want from those they own is different, also realise that every sub/slave is different as well so that just adds more to the mix,

A slave desires to serve her Master, in what way is up to them and something that should have been discussed before the gift of submission was offered and accepted, this is something that they talked about, the capacity in which she will serve Him will be something that is not set in stone but a basic guide line and dependant on her abilities, imagine your Master wanting you to serve Him by being a chauffer for Him and you can’t drive,,,, well you either learn really fast or you can’t do that, simple analogy but one that probably shows how a Master and those He owns need to communicate.

A lot is said about a Dom or Masters needs and desires but what of those needs of a slave, and kitten is not talking about sex, although being a permanently sexual person that is something she does need in her life as well, but kitten is talking about serving Him in all ways. Kitten has been a 24/7 slave and she has some knowledge of how this life can be, its not all sex and scenes, its not all roses and candles ( lol took while before this kitten realised candles have more than one use ! ) Its about so much more and its that which a slave needs to know.

A slave is there to enrich her Masters life, she is there to help Him and support Him, she is there to do His bidding when ever she can and that is how its supposed to be BUT at the same time a Master needs to be there for His slave, He needs to offer her the support she needs, He needs to be there for her when things are worrying her, He needs to help her make the right choices in her life.

A Master who does not communicate with those He owns will never get the best from them as they will never know what He wants from them, and that is a shame for B/both of T/them as a slave will go that extra mile to please her One. A slave needs to know she is doing well, that she is a part of her Masters life and He values her as His, this is usually done in many ways, one of which is one on one with the slave, one on one is especially important for slaves owned by poly Masters, this is their time to talk and interact with no interruptions from others, their sisters should respect that and the Master should make it clear that He will tolerate no interruptions as that is just a sign of jealousy on the others part.

A Master has many needs but so does a slave, satisfy a Masters needs and she will be satisfying her own, but if her needs are not being met then she needs to tell Him, talk to Him, explain to Him and as her Master He needs to listen to her, failure to communicate and actually listen to E/each O/other is one of the most destructive things in this life,