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There are times when a sub or slave is online with her Dom or Master and He will say something, something that is read by the sub/slave as hurtful or she takes in a way that is not meantafter a continuation of the conversation He might say He was joking, but kittens question is ,,, how are they meant to know ?

A conversation when types is ‘flat’ there is no gleam in the eye, no teasing note in the voice, a word type is just that, a word typed, it has no inflictions, no emotions, no rise or fall in the tone, a Dom or Master can show His displeasure in type by posting in capitols, everyone knows this is the same as shouting but there is no other way to let another know that the previous comment are meant in a teasing way, especially if the subject being teased about is one the sub or slave is sensative about already, and when it is then taken the wrong way and the sub or slave is left feeling bewildered as to what she has done wrong this time it takes time to get back to that light hearted place once more.

A sub or slave can be confident and know her worth when she is in the company of others but when she is with her Dom or Master her first instinct is to please Him, to have Him tease her is a wonderful thing, but as with all things unless it is something that she is certain is being said in a teasing manor then she runs the risk of being disrespectful if she teases back.

Subs and slaves do not necessarily have low self esteem, they are after all people, in kittens mind most of them are fearful of consequence’s that may arise if they dare take a serious remark as a joke and vice versa,so please do not judge by one conversation, only the Dom or Master will know His property and if she is not as He wants her to be then teach her or she will never know teasing her about it will do nothing for her self esteem apart from strip a bit more from her


kitten has found a new site, lol you all know kitten loves to find the good things on the internet, well she has found  this http://www.kinkilink.com/ its a site for all things sex, pictures, videos,stories etc  its great fun, and all the things you might like in one place !!!

To registar just fill in your name and email as normal, its in beta ( ok kitten never knew what that meant either ) so it will show an error page when you press the registar link but refresh and log in and you will be registared.

kitten looks forward to seeing you all you have to submit, but if you just want to browse then thats fine as well