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Kitten finally home

Posted on: May 6, 2009

Firstly kitten needs to apologise, she has been lax in posting on here if only for the fact she has been busy and for that she is sorry,

By now you will know that kitten is with Master, she is living with Him as His property, His slave and that is something that has been two fold for her, in one way it is like coming home, and in another way it is like leaning to live again, both coming together to make kittens life more complete.

There have been a few times over the past three weeks that kitten has had doubts, not with Master but with life situations and they have been worked on and all the fears have been discussed and a solution has been worked out, kitten is not daft enough to believe that the teething problems have been all she will face but as long as kitten has Master to talk things through with then she is sure there are no problems she cannot deal with.

When kitten got off the plane she was shaking, for so long she had heard that Master and her sister were playing her, were taking her for a fool, yet not once did kitten get that impression from Him in all her interactions, but as with all things, if you listen to something enough you will start to have doubts, well there are no doubts now, Master is all that He said He was and in some ways more.

Kitten has learnt that Master has a wicked sense of humour * usually to kittens cost * and the sound of Him laughing fills the house on a regular basis, that said, He also has a serious side that you can talk with, ask advice * something kitten is still learning to do and to be honest not doing to well at, is harder to hide what kitten is thinking or feeling though now that He is along side kitten daily*and the serious side is one which is can be depended on to give you honest unbiased opinions and advice.

Play times * not really anyone’s business but kitten knows there are still a few doubters* are wonderful, going to the beach and trying to cover a bruised ass and tits makes for an interesting outfit combination !! Why cover them up ? Because society does not readily understand this life and kitten does not want people to look at Master and judge Him, that said, the getting of the bruises is wonderful and something kitten feels is part of her, something she loves and at times needs to be able to free her mind from all the thinking she does. There is another way that kitten settles her mind, its unfortunately not for anyone else’s knowledge apart from the fact Master says kitten better not be unsettled at the mall or W/we could B/both end up in jail !! Again this is something Master knows when kitten needs and at the moment He is allowing it, while at the same time working on other methods for her to feel the safety net around her.

There is so much that kitten could and should write but where do you stop ? What do you say and not say ? All kitten can say with 100% certainty is that she is Masters kitten 24/7 and that is like coming home, to a life and a Master who completes kittens life, and  that kitten can never express enough


6 Responses to "Kitten finally home"

Oh kitten, i am so very happy for you and at the same time very jealous (it is unsure when i will ever be able to be with my Master) but again so very happy. you deserve to be His and are very blessed to have a Master that takes such good care of you. 🙂 i wish all your dreams with Him come true.

This one is very happy for you, kitten. i am also living TPE with my Master and have for 6 years. It is wonderful, and yes, so hard for others to understand. i wear my collar proudly but few know what it means. i want to shout it from the treetops, but, alas, society would not understand what and how much it means. Enjoy your newfound freedom.

a slave too.

I too am so happy for you.Ice and I hope your future is going to be just as wonderful as you deserve. I can picture those red marks on your happy body.Rather society understands your need or way of life is not imprtant. Your happiness is the prime thing.Go and enjoy yourself, doing those things that fill your needs. just don’t forget that there are others from your former life that still love you……Love Red and icepilot.

To all that have wished kitten well she thanks you from the bottom of her heart. This is the life that makes kitten who and what she is, with a Master who will provide for her both mentaily and physically, it lets her finally be free, and its hard for people to understand how being owned is freedom but it is for so many of us.

Precious Pet, never give up your dreams, life has a way of throwing things at us when we least expect and maybe one day your hearts desires will come true for you as well, kitten waits for the day you post that you are with your Master.

Grainne, kitten thanks you for your comments, and she understands the pride you feel in your life and of the wearing of your Masters collar, kitten is not collared, and in some slaves eyes this makes her less than they are but kitten does not feel that, she is Masters kitten until He says different and just as worthy of others, that said she does understand what you mean about others not understanding, but on the reverse side kitten has seen some who are collared still not understanding what M/s is all about, but guess that is people all over really

Dear Red and Ice, kitten can never forget you both and your help and support during some of the worst times in her life, thank you both so very much for being kittens friend and know that you will always have a special place in kittend life.

I truly wish you the best of luck in this adventure and hope it all that you wished for and MORE! You are still a very good friend and will always be. I do hope to talk to you soon… and always remember I love you LOTS.

Big smiles at kitten lol l can just see you screaming glad you are home and you are happy. winks little bruicing never hurts anyone

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