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When a Master Forgets

This is something that many will find hard to believe but yes a Master does forget things, things that are not always obvious to Them and kitten means no disrespect when she says that, they are Masters but they are human as well and therefore not infallible. So when a Master forgets or fails to realise something what is a slave to do ?

Well a few well placed hints might work but don’t be disappointed if they don’t, a steering of a conversation into a certain direction might as well but again not always guaranteed to get your hopes across, the only other thing left after that is direct asking.

The problem with direct asking is that you are bringing to Masters notice something He might not be happy to have brought forward and the manner you do this in is another vital factor in His answer, a request to play and orgasm is different to a directive of ‘ i am going to go and play now as You seem to have forgotten about me’

As alot of these relationships start off online it is imperative that there is a basis for communication, a Master will no doubt hold a demanding job and if He is a poly Master He will have others to attend to as well, all this kitten knows and understands, on the flip side a Master should not take on more than He can deal with as this will lead to a slave feeling neglected and forgotten, especially if He is r/t with one He has known for longer but He is looking to extend His family, and the ‘new; one is to be r/t as well.

This will not happen if feelings of neglect and disintrest are apparent while they are online learning about E/each O/other, as the slave needs to know she can depend on her Master in r/t.


5 Responses to "When a Master Forgets"

i was searching on the net, and i found many things, many blogs on this, realm, but i did notice that you seem to want to munipulate your ** master** a lot, you speak of finding new ways to say NO , that is munipulation, you speak of your sister in slavery with distrust and almost hatred, that is not the heart of a slave, that is very rude and does not look well on your Master, She was obviously there before you , serving your Master, you should be proud and thankful for her service, and your service should add to his family , not cause the drama you seem to be ready and intent on causing, I do hope your * sister of the chain* watches her back, you do see the type that would stab her and not support her. You seem to think this service is about you. Have you forgotten it is about Him and HIs happiness. ?

And yet you know nothing of what has been going on or the trouble kittens ‘sister’ and her friends have caused kitten but still you feel qualified to judge all invlolved ? There are many sides to every story, this is kittens place to say what is on her mind, however thanks to you kitten is now not able to do that, and no kitten has not forgotten Masters happiness, it is for that very reason kitten has said many times she will walk away as she will not be the cause of Master being unhappy. kitten is a slave, but she is also human and as such she is not all things to all people, as long as she is Masters she can learn to deal with the rest of it, will take time be time is something kitten has

You seem offended by my comments but you did post your activities, and your feelings for the public to read and in a public forum, so you should not be so defensive. I read your words of walking away, but any ** slave ** that seems to feel the need to be evasive and coy as she talks about the ** others ** in her Masters life is being manipulative. I think if you truly take the time to look inside your self and learn to be open and loving to all that are in your Masters life you will see if you are truly slave or not. Not only are you to accept anyone there before you, but any new that He decides to bring in to his family , and there will me more if he is poly. Not only accept but LOVE THEM , love them as you would love him, accept them with your heart, and be ready to make their happiness as important as yours, for their happiness makes your Master even more happy. You do make it sound like you are the new one coming into this family , those already there deserve the upmost of your respect and your love. I am not feeling that from you, maybe I am wrong, and I do hope so.

You are saying that thanks to me you can’t do something? Are you trying to say that I am responsible for your actions and your consequences? I am responsible for something in your relationship, now kitten get real , Take responsibility for your own life, I can not make you or your Master do anything.

I do hope you learn to love, to love all in your Masters life, I hope you the best of luck, little one.

lol if only you knew the full facts behind the posts, then maybe you would not judge kitten as you have been, but that said you are welcome to your opinion and that is all it is, your opinion, kitten is a slave to her Master but she is not a switch, she does as He wants and if He wants kitten to play nice with others who cause her harm then that is what she does, as with all things in life, some things we do not like but we do them for the pleasure of our Master.
kittens posts are HER thoughts and feelings and if you had read anothers posts then you would see that it is not all one sided, in fact most of the time it is kitten defending herself against something she could not as she was thousands of miles away, now kitten is 24/7 with Master the previous problems are no an issue as there are different ones to contend with ones kitten has no intention of being involved in apart from a shoulder for her sister to cry on and bitch about, you see, kitten is not an ogre and she will help if she is able but she also knows that anothers problems are not going to be solved by taking them out on kitten, they need to be taken to Master

I am so glad you are finally with your Master , I know this is what you have wanted for a long ,long time.My thoughts and prayers are with you always.ENJOY !…..ENJOY !….ENJOY ! Love red.

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