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Do you ever wish ?

Posted on: October 6, 2008

Do you ever wish for something so bad that you can almost picture it as a reality? Do you have dreams, hopes and desires that you know will make you a happier, more ‘together’ person than you think you are at present? Do you ever close your eyes and let your mind wander to how your life could be if just a few of your dreams become reality?

Kitten does daily, she knows what she wants, what she dreams of and what she yearns for, and these dreams keep her going, she needs her dreams to focus on as at the moment she has no set direction in her life, oohh she knows what she wants and what she dreams of so in a way guess that’s a focus but as usual there are obstacles to get around before the dreams become realities and in that way then kitten has no direction in her life as the obstacles and problems keep changing.

In every walk of life there are things and people that are there to bring another one down and this life is no different, in some ways it is worse as it is a smaller social sect and unlike in the vanilla life where you might go your whole life without meeting anyone who disagrees with you, in this life, as it is a smaller community, you are bound to find a few who like to bring you down with out you even looking for them. Their opinions should not matter, the life you lead is your life not theirs but unfortunately they do affect you, no matter who you are, others have the power to destroy you if you let them, the key is to not let them and to rise above them, be the bigger person and walk away. Everyone is allowed their opinions and that is how it should be, but it is up to you if you let their opinions cloud your judgement and steer you from the life you crave.

The path to happiness is a twisting and bump one, its one that only you can travel and when you travel that path alone then all the pit stops along the way can make you feel either overwhelmed and insignificant or it can make you as think you are invincible, both things that can lead to their own troubles, there are so many things that kitten feels as she travels the path she has chosen, she feels alone at times, she feels weak and powerless as things are thrown at her, she feels sad but at times elated, damn this is a hard path she has chosen but it is one she needs to take ? Why? Because kitten needs to live, she needs to be alive and at the end of this path is her life so that is why she does it.

Kitten knows that the things she faces are to many people small and insignificant but to kitten when you add them all up they do make a whole mountain of stuff to climb and negotiate, and that is a hard thing to do on your own, but kitten is kitten and she will climb the problems and obstacles and make her way to the top, lol its what kitten does best, and once at the top she will know that everything has been worthwhile


1 Response to "Do you ever wish ?"

Don’t ever stop on your journey to the top.I know you will make it because kitten never gives up.She makes the climb dragging her world behind her.Kitten is strong and will remain strong no matter what obstacles lay before her.She has the support of those who love her and will always stand by her.The path you travel is not an easy one, but it is kittens path and she does not have to travel it alone.look over your shoulder and you will see friends encouraging you.

Love Redbud.

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