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The Power of words

Posted on: August 27, 2008

Kitten is a person who needs words, she needs to hear them, she needs to have things said and she needs to ‘feel’ the things spoken.

Words typed are hard to interpret; simple words can be mistaken in their intent, for example, the words “I Love You “…. I love you she said with tears running from her eyes, the pain clear on her face……. I love you she smiled, laughing up at Him as she took the flowers offered….. The same words but two different meanings, one filled with pain and one filled with happiness

In some ways the online interaction with your Dom/Master is the same, He can and often does ask/tell you to do something, give an instruction and you act on it, but the task is not clear, the words being told to you could sound harsh and you think of what you have done wrong, in most cases ( but lol if you are kitten its not always guaranteed) you have done nothing wrong but the way things are typed and indeed with typos it can seem that you have and this is something that a sub/slave when ‘talking’ to their One can find hard to understand, lol and with internet connections not being the most reliable of things in bad weather or power failures, the sudden disappearance can cause no end of heart aches and self searching wondering where the heck you went wrong and what you did

Its the simple things that a sub/slave finds pleasure in, smiling, for kitten it is silly things, a picture sent of something her Master knew she would like, a song, a quote, all these things show a sub/slave that their Dom/Master does know them and their ‘normal’ likes and dislikes and not just things pertaining to sex, theses things can and do go along way to making a sub/slave feel as though her Dom/Master thinks of her even when He is busy or not in the best mind frame where she is concerned, ( again kitten knows she makes Master cross at times, well not exactly cross but she exasperates Him with her questions and doubts, but lol He has admitted He has never had a slave who pushed His buttons as much as kitten does so its good practice for Him for when kitten gets there as kitten is kitten and she will always be asking questions )

Guess the point kitten is making is when interacting with another on the internet, no matter who they are think about what you are typing, words are powerful things, they can make you laugh, they can make you smile but they can also break your heart


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