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Kitten is still here

Posted on: June 28, 2009

This post is to all those that are asking after kitten, she is still here and she is still kitten. !!

As many of you know kitten is living with Master 24/7 so as you can imagine things are a bit busy for her, and indeed for Him as well, the adjustments kitten is making to a different way of life in a place that is different with rules that are different and a climate that is different are taking their toll and kitten is finding she is either very tired all the time or she can’t sleep worth a damn !!

We have just said goodbye to another one that Master is looking at to be either a sub or a slave, at the moment kitten is not sure which but the month she was here was ‘eventful’ to say the least, things happened and kitten paid a price but what the total cost is yet kitten does no know, all she knows is it made her ask questions of both herself and Master, and the answers to those questions are very telling indeed.

kitten has been in poly relationships before so that was not new to her, those who know a bit about kitten know she already has a sister whom she is getting on great with, so while having another here was not really an issue the ‘living’ part of the relationship was for kitten, and she knows that she was questioning Master a lot and asking some hard questions.

But as with all things in kittens life, she rides out the storms, a bit wiser and a bit tougher, and who knows maybe in the end a bit more careful of letting her feelings show, which can only be a good thing right ?

So to all that ask, kitten is still here, remember, she is kitten, all singing and all dancing but still kitten none the less and her smile is firmly planted on her face, lol have found that smiling really confuses all those around you who are wondering what you are grinning at !!


1 Response to "Kitten is still here"

I knew that smile would always be there.I guess that makes me feel so much better ( I worry alot .)You are still in my thoughts and prayers , and I wish you all the best.

Love red.

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