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A Slaves Needs

Posted on: September 19, 2008

Many ask what being a sub/slave entails, and to be honest there is no one single answer as each Dom/Master is different so therefore it stands to reason that what they want from those they own is different, also realise that every sub/slave is different as well so that just adds more to the mix,

A slave desires to serve her Master, in what way is up to them and something that should have been discussed before the gift of submission was offered and accepted, this is something that they talked about, the capacity in which she will serve Him will be something that is not set in stone but a basic guide line and dependant on her abilities, imagine your Master wanting you to serve Him by being a chauffer for Him and you can’t drive,,,, well you either learn really fast or you can’t do that, simple analogy but one that probably shows how a Master and those He owns need to communicate.

A lot is said about a Dom or Masters needs and desires but what of those needs of a slave, and kitten is not talking about sex, although being a permanently sexual person that is something she does need in her life as well, but kitten is talking about serving Him in all ways. Kitten has been a 24/7 slave and she has some knowledge of how this life can be, its not all sex and scenes, its not all roses and candles ( lol took while before this kitten realised candles have more than one use ! ) Its about so much more and its that which a slave needs to know.

A slave is there to enrich her Masters life, she is there to help Him and support Him, she is there to do His bidding when ever she can and that is how its supposed to be BUT at the same time a Master needs to be there for His slave, He needs to offer her the support she needs, He needs to be there for her when things are worrying her, He needs to help her make the right choices in her life.

A Master who does not communicate with those He owns will never get the best from them as they will never know what He wants from them, and that is a shame for B/both of T/them as a slave will go that extra mile to please her One. A slave needs to know she is doing well, that she is a part of her Masters life and He values her as His, this is usually done in many ways, one of which is one on one with the slave, one on one is especially important for slaves owned by poly Masters, this is their time to talk and interact with no interruptions from others, their sisters should respect that and the Master should make it clear that He will tolerate no interruptions as that is just a sign of jealousy on the others part.

A Master has many needs but so does a slave, satisfy a Masters needs and she will be satisfying her own, but if her needs are not being met then she needs to tell Him, talk to Him, explain to Him and as her Master He needs to listen to her, failure to communicate and actually listen to E/each O/other is one of the most destructive things in this life,


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