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Posted on: September 30, 2008

Kitten reads a lot of blogs from different people, both Dom’s and Masters subs and slaves and it is amazing the difference of opinion that they all share about the BDSM life, some hae very stark views which in kittens opinion borders on abuse and then there are the ones who are so laid back they are horizontal.

The one thing that most of them have in common though is respect, they all have an enormous amount of respect for the ones to whom they either accept submission from or who they give submission to, and that is one thing kitten admires, RESPECT.

Kitten hears a lot about how it is not a slaves right to ask for anything and she is supposed to be happy with what ever her Master decides she is worth, be it time spent with her or in what tasks He gives her and this kitten does agree with to a certain extent BUT kitten also thinks that even a slave deserves a certain amount of respect as if a Dom/Master does not respect His property then in effect that property is worthless.

Kitten can see sisters throwing their hands up in horror that kitten says this, but if nothing else kitten is honest, both with herself and with her Master and has spoken to Him on occasions about things that kitten thinks and needs, a happy slave means that a Dom/Master will be happy as well as she will go that extra step in serving Him. To not talk to those You own means they are left floundering in what You wish from them, to not use them sexually is one thing, to not use them for domestic chores is another but to not speak or interact with them at all is something that should not happen as this lowers the relationship to a mere friendship status. How many times have you seen your friends in the street that you haven’t spoken to for ages and can have a five minute chat with them and go on your way ,,, a few kitten should think,,,, well this is what will happen to a D/s or M/s relationship if there is no communication and no interaction.

Kitten just wishes those who pretend that life is all good and well while secretly being eaten away when interaction with others take place as they wish it was them would just be honest with themselves and those who own them, its not alright or they would not keep writing about it, talk to your Dom/Master, explain your feelings, kitten has yet to meet a Dom or Master who does not listen, might take a few times and might take a few periods of being accused of not really being submissive and wanting to Domme from the bottom but ultimately a Dom or Master will be able to answer a sub/slaves fears and so enable them to move forward in the relationship.

The thing kitten thinks that needs to be remembered is that everyone needs to be spoken to, take this from someone who was ignored for years, yes a Dom or Master decides the level of interaction and the way a sub or slave will serve Him to complete His life but a sub or slave should also know that she had the basic right to communication, without that there is no relationship.


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