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Who do you wish to serve ?

Posted on: September 16, 2008

Many people ask kitten why she needs to serve, why she desires to be owned by a Master, and that kitten cannot answer, kitten does know how much it cuts her when her Master asks if she wants release so she can find a Master closer to her, and she guesses in some ways that is a valid question, but one that hurts her deeply none the less.

Lots of things go together to make a slave want to serve a certain Master, no one part more or less important then the other, you cannot help who you desire to be with, whether in a vanilla or BDSM or a D/s M/s relationship, there needs to be feelings on both parts to make a relationship work, Sexual attraction is a good start so if you desire your Master in that way then that is a good start but must not be all of it, no relationship can survive on sex alone ( might be a wonderful few weeks though ! )

A slave desires to talk to her Master, to find out all she can about Him so she can serve Him better and He needs to give her that opportunity or the relationship is going to fail, and just as she needs to know about Him, then He needs to know about her, He needs to know her fears and desires, her hopes and dreams, her strengths and weaknesses, all these things are part of getting to know each other so Y/you can both know if this is something that Y/you both desire and want.

Another thing that a slave who desires a certain Master needs to know, especially if He is poly is about others He owns, ( good example of the reason why is found here,,,http://dennisnajee.blogspot.com/2008/08/personality-conflict.html) if He is poly and owns many or even just a few they need to get along as they will all be a part of His life and to not be able to communicate with each other will only make His life more difficult, however if they do not get on for what ever reason then they need to at least be civil to each other, many times the problems come when the ‘primary’ slave takes it upon herself to inform the others of what Her Master is doing all the time, there are times when this sort of information is welcome but ultimately it is not her responsibility unless she has been told by Master to take it upon herself to become His voice where others are concerned, their behaviour and interaction is between the Master and them and not her.

There are so many things that can hamper a relationship no matter what type it is and all these are things that can be worked out, kitten thinks that the Master and slave need to talk, we might be slaves but we still have doubts and concerns, we need to know what is required of us and how we can serve a Master, the same goes for a Master, He needs to know what we are hoping for from this relationship, what role we see Him playing in our lives, TPE sex slave part time sub ? How is He to know what we want from this if we do not tell Him ?

So to serve a Master,,, well it does not matter where He lives, it is not the place, it is not the distance that makes a Master, it is the PERSON who makes the Master, that is who a slave desires to serve, the person who is her Master,


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