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Tasks given

Posted on: August 2, 2008

it is every slaves desire to serve her Master, serve Him how ever she can and do what ever He asks from her, be it sexual  or not a slave goes about things with the mind set that only the best is enough and she gives 100%  to any task given to her.

Kitten believes this and she tries hard but she has failed, and by failing she is doubting her ability to be what Master needs, kitten was given a few tasks and these she has done, well she is doing, kitten should say but work and sleep are interfering and so kitten is not doing as well as kitten wants to, Master is not complaining, it is kitten who is beating herself up about it,

Kitten is a slave and to her that means giving her all, no half measures and no excuses, but she has excuses, working 52 hours in 4 days to some would be a valid reason but to kitten it is just an excuse, sleeping is another excuse, and kitten doesn’t really sleep that much and when she wakes she is back to the tasks given, all things kitten knows she can do and she does do, but too slowly, taking to long and that to kitten is inexcusable.

A slave wants to serve and help her Master but when you have a slave like kitten then it really is no help is it,


2 Responses to "Tasks given"

Dearest Kitten:

your Master is only human beautiful, I am quite positive he is understanding because he probably has his own few things he wonders about – even as a Mistress myself i sometimes wonder if i am enough for my boy and my girl, I do not always have the time of day to devote to them like i would like. Regardless of who is top and who is bottom – D/s is still a relationship – if not the most divine form of one, it does take work from both sides. Do not worry so much about displeasing your Master – he will let you know if he is displeased 🙂

Mistress Anita

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