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Kitten is a human being as well as a slave, and being ‘ cursed’ like that she has a tendency to let others feelings and troubles get to her, she takes their troubles on as her own and at times she feels she is drowning and can not see her way to the shore.
A certain incident happened earlier and it tore kitten’s heart, her mind was swimming and she could not detach,, she needed to help, she needed to make things better for the other person but could not see a way to do so, and so like all slaves in turmoil kitten went to her Master for help and advice, and the advice kitten was given was not what she expected,
Kitten was told to pull away, she was told to detach, and Master then explained the reasons and on reflection those reasons are the only ones that kitten needs to listen to as those reasons made the most sense.
When you let yourself become entangled into others lives, they know that your door is always open, and to some this is a form of manipulation,, the need kitten has to help and comfort can mean to others she will bear their load as well, and kitten knows that is her fault as she has always allowed that to happen but where does it stop and at what cost to yourself? Kitten will help anyone in trouble if she can, she will answer all and any questions as honestly as she can, she will support and listen always but kitten is a person and needs to learn to let go.
Masters advice to kitten was as follows
This is a lesson in true powerlessness,,, there is nothing kitten can do except listen but remain detached, sometimes, no matter what we would hope and wish for , people have to make their own decisions and we need to respect those choices. Letting go and standing back is never easy but holding on hurts so much more, and not learning to let go will only cause kitten heart ache and misery
There are situations within our control and those outside our control,, its not about letting go of people but of letting go of situations we cannot control, we can sympathise and listen but ultimately we need to recognise that no matter what we say, we have no actual bearing on the outcome,
So kitten stood back and she read and listened to Masters words,, and she learnt a lesson,, a hard painful lesson, kitten cannot take all the problems on as for her to do so would drive kitten mad, she is but one person and she needs to save some of her strength for herself, kitten will never turn anyone away and she will help where she can but at the same time kitten knows now that she is not all things to everyone,, she is just kitten


this is kittens words, her views and her thoughts, the ramblings of a kittens mind are not always easy to follow but they are always honest, honest with herself and those she interacts with, and to her cost she knows that some do not like this and take offence, no offence is meant and none should be taken.

About kitten,

kitten is an owned slave, she loves to serve and in serving her Master she is complete, its almost like the missing piece of a puzzle has been found, making kitten whole and that is a wonderful feeling.

Now is kitten a good slave ? Well that is a question she cannot answer, kitten strives daily to be all she can be and she tries to enrich her Masters life but as with all things she stumbles at times and those times hurt as she feels she is failing, not serving as she should, Master tells kitten that all need to make mistakes to learn but still the feelings of doubt and worth raise thier head and confuse her,

So what is kitten going to talk about here ? well kittens life, her hopes, her dreams and her pit falls,

kitten thanks you all for reading and she welcomes all your comments and remarks,

Thank you