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Master is Batman ?

Posted on: April 11, 2009

Readers of this * if there are any* will be getting a bit sick of kitten going on about going to Master but it is something she cannot help talking about, and as she only speaks to Master and writes on all her blogs then sorry, you are stuck with it !!

Now there are many things kitten can tell you about Master but she will not bore you but one thing she will share is that for some reason Master seems to have a new name when W/we are teasing, not sure why but kitten can’t help but call Him Batman !

Now this started when kitten was not allowed to say no Master, so being inventive it got changed to “ Dream on Batman” and for some reason it has stuck ! Now kitten knows that when Master and kitten are messing about and teasing each other then she can call Him Batman as long as it is not in a derogatory way, in a teasing capacity it is fine, and kitten also knows there is a time and a place to laugh and joke, kitten loves nothing more at the moment than to hear Him laugh and know she has caused that, but she also knows that when Master is being serious or He is watching/listening/working etc then that is not the time to play about or try to instil herself upon Him.

Kitten is going to get off the plane and know that she is stepping into a new chapter in her life, but she thinks that the playing, teasing, talking, are all good ground work in getting to know Master, as long as she doesn’t call Him Batman too many times, * lol especially when He is spanking kitten, can you imagine – One Batman thank You, Two Batman, thank You etc, hhmm not sure that would go down well, but you never know might try it for the hell of it !! *

Guess what kitten is saying is that there are many sides to a Master, the strong side, that is there for you, to support and help you, the teaching side that is always helping you improve and grow, learn and be all you can be, the fun side that can make you cry with laughter and who teases and torments you and the serious side that lets you know when you have done wrong and need to be reprimanded or punished.

Master is like a puzzle, all the pieces go together to make the whole Man and kitten is excited to be finally able to fit all the pieces together so they are part of her life


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