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When will it all stop ??

Posted on: July 24, 2008

Kitten knows that there are some who really do not like kitten, that is fine and kitten accepts that, what choice does she have? Anyway something happened the other day and kitten was upset as it was again something against kitten when Master had been told all the b/s had stopped and was to be no more, and on kitten’s part this has been true for weeks now but seems that what others are telling Master and actually doing are two different things.

The b/s that occurred resulted in Master having to defend kitten, nice you might think and yes it is good for your Master to defend you to a sister, but what kitten tried to point out was Master should not have had to defend as the events were nothing to do with kitten ! kitten was brought into it and it had nothing to do with kitten, again this is something kitten has a hard time trying to process as even if she is not involved she is dragged into things yet she is the one who is trying to cause trouble and stir sh*t up ?

Master discusses kitten with her sister and this makes kitten uncomfortable, as it gives the sister information about kitten, and as the situation shows that is not a good thing, and yet kitten is told nothing ,, Master says its because kitten cannot deal with it without getting jealous, smiling,, kitten is not jealous, what is there to be jealous of ?  Guess what kitten is trying to say is that some things told to Master by others are not really what are meant, that was proved the other night, they say they like kitten and want to be her friend yet at the first opportunity they try to involve her in things and twist it so that kitten ends up needing defending,, this is not fair, or right as when kitten tries to explain this to Master she is the one that gets shouted at. kitten just wishes that they were all honest, with themselves, with Master and with kitten, kitten is accused and in some ways pre judged always and that is not fair, kitten had proved over and over that she is not at fault and in at least 75% of the trouble was not her causing it, yet still kitten is the one not believed, and that if kitten is honest cuts her to the very heart of her.

So what now, what does kitten do about it? nothing that’s what,, there is nothing kitten can do, the only two options kitten has is to either ignore and let the situation carry on and take the blame and let them all think everything is kittens fault or leave and hopefully the others will feel safe, kitten doesn’t want that option and hopefully they will not make kitten take it as kitten loves Master with all she is, this is something that she cannot change




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