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Sex and the mind

Posted on: July 24, 2008

in this life a lot is said about trust, that the bond between a D/s and M/s is a strong one and one that needs to be present especially during a scene and if you are in a TPE relationship, the need to really believe that your Master will care for you always and only have your interests at heart helps to strengthen that trust, but have you ever had so much trust in another that you can close your eyes and open your mind totally to them ? Have you ever experience the absolute power they hold over you by just listening to their voice and letting them invade your mind?

To have an orgasm without touching yourself, to feel your body throbbing with desire when He speaks to you and tells you what He is going to do to you, how He is going to do it, where He is going to do it, it is an amazing feeling and one kitten has experienced twice before, and longs to experience again, It takes trust, faith, belief and desire to allow another into your head like that, in one way kitten guesses it must be like hypnotising someone and it can only be done if the Dom/Master is able to handle the responsibility that it can entail, but if done right, its a wonderful feeling


Laying on top of the bed clothes… my body naked .. ripe… eager.. I am waiting.. just laying there,.. not touching myself.. not moving… my eyes closed as I listen to the sweet hypnotic tones of Your voice

Feel My breathe, warm on your body, feel it caress your skin as I move over you, slide above you, not touching but you know I am there, you can feel My presense as I glide My body close to yours, never touching you, never even a glancing brush against you.

Feel My lips My sweet one, feel them brush yours as I lean my head to touch your luscious lips, feel them touch you, feel them taste you as I deepen My kiss, open your mouth for Me, let me taste your sweet nectar as My tongue teases you, let Me drink from your mouth My love, taking your breath as I deepen My kiss.
Can you feel Me? Can you feel My body over yours, can you feel the heat from Me engulfing you as I move above you? I want your cum , I want you to cum for Me, I want your juices to flow when I command, I want you to beg Me for release, beg Me to please you, beg Me to grant your deepest wish, and this I will have.

My body aching as I listen to You, hearing Your words, moving slightly on the bed I feel my pussy weeping for You, the desire in me so strong, the need to touch so great, my fingers unbidden move to my wet, throbbing pussy, a brief passing touch as I gasp aloud.

Hand moving to my side as I sigh, knowing that to touch is forbidden, wriggling on the bed more as I try to find comfort, the ache in me so strong, the need so great,

Open your legs for Me, open them wide, let Me come between them , let Me touch you with My tongue, let Me lick you, let Me taste your essence, let Me kiss your sweet clit and nibble on it, let me take it in My mouth and suck on it, feel Me take you in My mouth, feel Me cover you with My warm wet mouth as My tongue teases your hard nub, moan for Me, let Me know you feel Me pleasing you, feel Me making your body want more.

My hips lifting as I hear Your voice, my pussy throbbing for You, Your touch running over me, my eyes closed tight as Your voice invades my head, Your thoughts mine, Your desires mine, Your touch on my body so real, so gentle, so firm, my gasp the only sound as I feel Your mouth closing on me.

Feel My fingers stroking you, feel Them touching you, feel Them invading you as I slide them deep in you, curling Them as I move Them, My fingers moving inside you, slowly at first, them faster, deeper, lift your hips for Me, open wide for Me, grind for Me, beg Me to give you what you want, what you need.

My hips moving up, my legs opening wider, my desire clear on my face as You whisper to me, your voice so clear and strong in my head, so close, so strong in my thoughts as You talk, my body responding to just Your words, Your power of suggestion. The bed dipping as You settle by my head, leaning over me, talking all the while as I writhe on the bed, Your voice hypnotic, Your suggestions clear, Your words opening my mind to Your suggestions, Your movements, not touching me but in my head You are, in my head I feel Your fingers moving in me, in my head I feel Your mouth on me, I feel You.

Feel My mouth close on your hard nipples, feel Me biting softly on them, feel Me suck on them, feel Me close tight on them as I pull them from your body, feel My mouth and my tongue running over them as My fingers bring you closer and closer to release, move your hips, lift for Me, push against My hand, take My fingers deeper inside you, take My mouth harder on you as you arch your back for Me, needing My touch, needing My body to give you pleasure.

My head spinning as Your words echo in my ears, my body a mass of nerve endings as I writhe on the bed, unable to stop myself as You talk so softly to me, whispers caressing me as You tell me to listen to You, only You, always You.. stretching my arms above my head.. my back arching as I feel Your fingers. Tongue, breath, body covering me.. Touching but not touching, but pleasing, always pleasing. My moans growing in my throat as I beg, needing release, wanting release, begging You for the ultimate release.

Feel My mouth kissing you, feel My weight pressing you to the bed, feel Me moving My fingers deeper, faster, feel your pussy throbbing on My hand, feel My thumb on your clit, rubbing it, teasing it, pleasing it as I bring you to orgasm, can you feel it, can you taste Me on your lips, do you want Me to let you cum for Me, only Me, always Me?

My head moving side to side on my pillow, my breathe coming in gasps as I squeeze my eyes tight shut, the stars behind my lips dancing in time to the throbbing, pulsing of my body, hips lifting and lowering, my body not mine, my body Yours as I feel my orgasm, ohhh god, my orgasm, single tear escaping as I try to hold it back, shaking as I feel the power of my orgasm build, not sure if I can stop it, not wanting to stop it, need to release it, opening my mouth I scream ‘ Oohhhhh god please Sir,, oohh please I beg You, please please please ‘


Body going into spasms as I cum hard,, stars shooting behind my lids as I feel the power of my orgasm running through me. Taking my body… invading my senses as I buck on the bed,, juices flowing as I pulse, throb, ache. The power, the feeling, the naked desire clear as I move on the bed, hands balling into fists as I ride it out, letting it take me, control me, giving in to it as I feel my ears flow down my face. What seems like years pass, my body calms, my breating steadies as I finally open my eyes, turning my head I look at You, Your smile So Bright. So Strong. So Wonderful

Leaning close to me, Your lips brush against mine … ‘ Good Girl ‘ You whisper 


As you might have gathered kitten loves to write, if you want to read more of kittens rambling, please visit

http://www.anownedlife.com/phpbb3/index.php where there are lots more stories and poems, smiling  the ramblings of a kitten mind !!


6 Responses to "Sex and the mind"

Wow, I like it!

Hi Kitten!! I have spent a lot of time reading most of your entries. What a beautiful person you are! Your Master has found a true gem. I registered at anownedlife.com recently and I love reading what you have to say there as well! Peace be with you Kitten. ❤

I have recently met a man ( not face to face yet) who could be a clone of your Master. We have communicated via phone and he is getting inside my head and showing me how much I need him. Yet I am afrraid of him after having some truly terrible experiences. Being abused and farmed out and treated in a manner that made me cry. I am a kind and gently soul and should not be giving someone pleasure by giving up my tears. I am just blown away at what you have written and feel I could write it myself. Even the praise is given the same way and I EAT it up…Amazing. Still I am afraid of giving up all.. always being a stong and independent person, yet that was a facade. A mere cover and this new man has shown me this. I have angered him now and do not know if we will ever communicate again. (saddens me) but what is to be will be.

krissy, kitten is sorry to make you unhappy, unfortunatly kitten writes with hr heart and not always with her mind and this becomes obvious and is not fair to others, please if you can and would like to kitten would love to talk with you if it would help, if you go to http://www.anownedlife.com/phpbb3/index.php then kitten is on there alot and posts all different things, but you can also message kitten there as well. You might have angered your One and trust kitten she does this at least once a week, kitten too is or was independant and strong but that is something that we portray to others, mainly to hide within ourselves and the pain we hold,
stay strong krissy and hopefully speak soon
kitten x

Domestique, kitten was so happy to see you on the forum and to read your posts, and she looks forward to reading some more, thank you for your kind words, smiling, as you will find out, kitten is a bundle of thing, lol and not all of them what her Master wants but kitten is kitten and she loves life, sometimes it goes wrong and leaves her hurting but mainly it is good, guess its all to do with what we take from the lessons we are learning,
stay strong and speak to you soon
kitten x

indescribablydelicious, kitten was happy to see you on the forum and she has answered your questions, smiling and kitten hopes you enjoy the stories, they are the dreams and realities of a kittens mind and they might not make sense but they are kitten, the poems as well might interest you indescribe, they are ones kitten wrote when she felt alone and unsure of the world around her
stay strong and true to yourself, speak soon
kitten x

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