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Posted on: July 23, 2008

kitten knows that to many,, sex takes place in a bedroom, lights off, and its over really before its begun and thats fine, ech to their own and if thats what they like then who are we to comment, but for kitten sex is something that takes place where ever and when ever Master wishes, so while it might be in a bed room, chances are it will not be over in a few minutes ( thankfully ) and if kitten is really good it might involve her being tied and paddled  !

When you are experimenting with what excites you ,, the instinct to rush out and buy lots of different things costing huge amounts of money are there  but there is no need, a neck tie or a scarf work wonders for the first taste of bondage, and they cost nothing. This is a good way to find out if this is something you both desire.

Another thing you can uses is a belt,  wooden spoon, a hair brush ( but be careful as a belt can sting ) when you first want to experiment with spanking and seeing if it is pleasurable for you, its not something that even those who have lived this life for along time enjoy and thats fine, each to their own, and if you discover you do enjoy it then you can then think about buying other things,start off cheap and work your way to floggers and whips etc.

kitten is a pain slut and the feel of a well placed paddle or crop against her tits, ass or her pussy while she is cumming is something that she cannot describe but kitten also knows this is not for everyone and thats great, W/we are all individuals and a Dom/Master should treat you as such.

When asked about dp, if you are unsure, use a vibe at the same time as being fcked, ok not quite the same but you will get the feeling and know if this is for you, and its a good way to prepar yourself if your Dom/Master wants to share you with others, lol but kitten has no suggestions on how to prepare for tasting your sisters except just opening your mind and doing it , taste yourself and then you will have more of an idea of what to expect when you are with her.

smiling  just a few kitten ideas


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