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There are many things that kitten thinks of when she thinks of Master, He is strong, has a body to die for, He is successful in His chosen field, He is kittens rock when she is scared * been a few of those times* and He is someone you can rely on to tell you the truth no matter what is asked of Him, in all He is someone that a person, not just a slave, can depend on BUT and this might get kitten a few bloody pillows, the one thing He never fails to do is make kitten smile and laugh.

The other night, one of the cats * and he knows which one he is, have no doubt kitten had stern words with him * decided to bring a playmate home. Now for those who are not aware, kitten is now in Florida, and this is the land of geikos, snakes and countless other things that either crawl or slither across the floor it seems and the cat decided it was going to bring one in, not dead as he rarely kills them. Kitten went into the kitchen to get Master a drink, and the new playmate  ran out from under the fridge,  kitten did what any self respecting kitten would do, a screaming dance that would rivel those on the TV !

Well kittens scream brought Master running, think He thought kitten was being murdered, and there ensued a scene that kitten can only describe as worthy of a comedy show ! Picture the scene, kitten screaming and running outside, standing on a bench so it can’t get her * found out afterwards the bloody things can climb* and  a semi naked Master chasing this thing around the room with a broom, then in comes the cat, who showed total disinterest in the scene happening in the kitchen and proceeded to climb on the nightstand and fall asleep.

Why is kitten posting this you might ask, well for three reasons

1 – To show that no matter what the problem is, a Master will come if you scream

2- A Master is a complex person but a person none the less and will provide safety when He is able


3 – It was so bloody funny


There is one thing kitten loves, well ok there are a few things she loves, but one of the most wonderful things to kitten is to hear Master laugh.

kitten has learnt over the months that Master is a dreadful tease ! He will take something kitten says and sort of turn it about a bit and before kitten knows it she is agreeing to something she had no intention of of even suggesting let alone agreeing to !

As it stands at the moment, kitten owes Master a lifetime of cuddles and kisses * for those who know kitten, they also know she would gladley swop those for a paddle on her ass*  But these she will take with happiness * sort off* as she heard Him laugh when He was saying it, and that was the most magical sound in the world to kitten, knowing she has made Him happy, knowing she has put that twinkle in His eyes, and she knows He was happy with kitten, and He wanted to torment her in a fun way.

There is enough time in this life for the serious side of things, times when kitten is stumbling and falling as the thoughts in her head get out of control but when Master has calmed her, when He has picked her up and shown kitten her worth and made her feel safe again, then the time for laughter is never more important, this is life, this is kittens life and Master knows what kitten needs * most of the time before kitten does*

Never loose the laughter in your life, and never stop trying to make those you care for happy, kitten was told she could never loves anyone but that was wrong, she loves Master, and its that love that makes her want to make Him happy, in any way she can, so if kitten has a katrillion kittes that she owes Master of a bazillion cuddles, as long as He was laughing then she will willingly go to His open arms * but for gods sake please don’t tell Him ! *