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Being Happy

Posted on: March 26, 2009

Kitten spends quite a bit of time talking to Master about everything and anything, to be honest kitten is now getting used to how His mind jumps about and most of the time she can follow His conversation, be it about the stock market or the weather, certain sexual things * and nope not saying what they are but kitten will say eeeeeeewwwwwww * and kitten values the time she spends with Him, lol she knows He is usually chatting online with others at the same time, this is what makes following His conversations so interesting !

Well Master asked some questions last night and kitten answered them as best she could, they were questions that were really hard to answer. After kitten had answered them she made a comment, and Master said something, something that made kitten think even more, He said โ€˜ We all make our own paths in life, and it is our right to search out our happiness โ€˜

He is right, it is kittens right to be happy, she deserves it as much as the next person, and while she knows being with Master will upset a few others, that is their problem, selfish kitten knows, but should she not take this chance of happiness so she can make others feel better ? Do they deserve to be happy more than kitten does ? And is their happiness really dependant on kitten not coming or on something else that kitten has no control over ?

Wow deep thought s for a morning, but its true, kitten does have as much right as anyone else at being happy and this life makes her happy, she knows there will be struggles, and she is not stupid enough to believe it will all be plain sailing, there will be life issues kitten has to face, kitten also knows she will have a few problems facing certain things, all of which she is sure she will cope with if she has Master by her side,

Guess the reason for kittens ramblings this morning is to say, We all deserve to be happy, other peoples feelings are not something we can really control, just as kitten has to do what is right for her then they have to look inside themselves and know what is right for them, be it M/s D/s or something more traditional, their happiness is something only they can determine.


1 Response to "Being Happy"

kitten, you have no idea how much just reading this post today has helped me. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is so funny how more times than not i can read your blog and your words echo so much of the noise within my own head. Even the the self doubts that Master’s other slaves bring up …lol. But you are right when you say “we all deserve to be happy”. Here’s to finding happiness with our Masters. ๐Ÿ™‚

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