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Moving Forward and the troubles it brings

Posted on: March 19, 2009

When kitten first booked her ticket to move to Master it seems as if the time would never get here, she had already been through so much jealousy and trouble before she even booked the ticket, she had been warned away by others who thought they were helping some have a one to one relationship with Master, something they really had no idea of as Master is poly, if it was not kitten it would be another, Master is a poly Master, He does not want a one on one and that some cannot accept, this is not a boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship and never will be.

That said the time to leave draws closer, and with that comes the stupidity that kitten has come to accept, she knows there are many that will never accept her being with Him but that is something they will have to get used to, she is going to be Masters kitten 24/7 and she has got to the stage she wants no interaction with others and their childish games. Kitten is writing this with the knowledge that it will be read, and she knows it will strike feelings of anger and bitterness in some but that is not kittens problem any more, having always been upfront with Master she has nothing to hide, she has not lied and tried to cover things up and she has not played games, kittens words and what she thinks and feels are always open for others to read, she does not feel the need to be secretive about them, By leaving her blogs open kitten has also left herself open for comments and nastyness from others but that is something kitten had come to expect, and lol she loves it when people run true to form.

Kitten is leaving soon and then she will be able to serve her Master as she needs to, others opinions and fears are not her concern any more, that is their problem, and one they need to deal with. Reading this kitten sounds hard and cold, she isn’t really, she is just fed up trying to please others, fed up always being the one to say sorry and she is fed up with always having to fight or defend herself, Master accepted kittens submission, He wants kitten there 24/7 to live with Him and what Master wants kitten will do all in her power to give Him

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