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Posted on: March 10, 2009

kitten is off work today, she is supposed to be working but due to them owing her so many days she has been given today off, this is good, it will give her time to catch up on jobs she needs to do, there is so much she is falling behind in, working 13 hour shifts really do take it out of you after a while, so she can finally get things done and not feel as if she is letting everyone down. Another good thing about having time off is that kitten can chat with Master more, well normally she could, but today she is staying away, there are some things kitten needs to work out, and its easier to try to do them herself.

Kitten woke to another message on her answer phone, have you ever thought that the answer machine is the worst invention in the world? kitten is getting to hate hers, now not only does she have to deal with ex’s crap she has the threat of a visit as well, kitten will talk to that person today, and tell them not to come, that kitten does not want to talk to them, whether this works who knows but it is all kitten can do. Kitten knows she should tell Master but its hard to have a conversation just lately, she knows He is always in demand and that others needs Him more and that’s fine, kitten is glad that others are getting things sorted out for them, this life is not an easy one if you are not certain or of the wrong mind so there are times that others need more and that is when a Master comes into His own.

Kitten knows she got annoyed last night, and thankfully He was interrupted again so she could make her excuses and leave, not sure if that’s counted as running, but guess its not unless the other person realises you are running.

kitten thinks she is starting to rely on Master too much, she is having expectations and hopes and that’s not right, she looks forward to the times she can talk to Him, with her working and Him working and the time difference it is hard for her to have some uninterrupted kitten time, guess that’s something she needs to get used to, its not as if its something she is not used to with others, perhaps she was getting spoilt, and that is something kitten needs to get out of her mind, kitten has no right to be spoken to, and she defiantly has no right taking all her crap to Him, it is her problem to cope with, He has enough on His plate with others that have needs and place demands on Him, kitten will not bring Him more.

How come one message can bring a whole host of other thoughts and questions into a persons head ? never mind, kitten will sort it as she always does, lol what else can happen to her ? already got stress related shingles so can’t get them again, *smiling* the only good thing is kitten knows she can chat on here, Master does not read blogs so kittens struggles and questions will remain where they need to be, and thats with her


2 Responses to "Messages Recieved"

you may think you are alone, and no one is interested in your problems.But there are some that care about you as a special person.You will live your life as you see fit and desire.But those that love you will always have you in their thoughts no matter the distance that seperates them.No one knows better then kitten what is best for her, and her wonderful mind will figure out what she really wants.Keep the faith and remember you are truly loved. Red.

kitten is kitten red, she is always thinking, you know that, and with the return of others trying to get into her life, things tend to get confused, kitten knows what she wants and that is to be with Master and in 35 days that will happen, it might not be something everyone wants but that is their problem not kittens, kitten is learning that she cannot please everyone, to do that she has to leave the relationship she has with Master, so the question is really, who does she make happy, herself or others, ? kitten wants for one of the few times in her life to be allowed that happiness, and by kitten going to Master and being His 24/7 live in slave she knows He will be happy as well,
kitten loves you red and she thinks of you often,

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