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Treated Different

Posted on: March 6, 2009

The thing that never ceases to make kitten love Master more is that He is different, He treats kitten as a person, yes she is a slave but she is also a person, and He seems to know what kitten needs better than she does, last night kitten was begging to be punished, she wanted to hurt for various reasons, kitten validates the pain by being hurt by someone she cares for, but He refused, kitten got mouthy, she tried to fight with Him and He completely ignored that, instead He talked to her, at first kitten was surly, you know what she means, think spoilt brat and that was kittens attitude, the reasoning was if she could make Him mad He would shout at her, upset her more so she would have a reason to break down, but nope He promised her cuddles and snuggles * ok those who know kitten know this is NOT something kitten looks forward to, it involves letting people get close and kitten is not capable of that so she has been told but Master does not believe that, and unfortunately or fortunately it seems once more Master is right

Kitten wrote about expectations, and how they can have adverse effects on a new slave, she wants things in a certain way and when they don’t happen she is left feeling cheated and as if she has not received what is rightfully hers, well the same can be said for kitten but in a different way. Kitten expected Master to shout at her, to be mean to her when she started to argue with Him, this is what she has been used to, it is how her life has been, and when she never got what she expected it really threw her, it took her whole reasoning and made a mockery of it.

How can one Master treat kitten so different to a previous Master ? Why ? What is the difference when kitten was actually being 100x’s worse than she ever dared to have been before, especially as she knew what the consequences would have been ? Yet Master did not shout, He did not hurl abuse at kitten, He did not make her feel worthless, all the things kitten had been expecting, and as the evening progressed kitten’s whole attitude changed, she went from being angry and upset to laughing and joking, and the really weird thing was kitten never noticed she was not hurting until she went to bed, it was only as she lay there thinking of Master that it struck her, He had took the pain from kitten but without using His hands, or the paddle and whip, He had not belittled kitten to make her feel better as she has always been used to.

In 40 days kitten will be with Master, then she knows she will be where she needs to be, she does not doubt for a minute that Master will protect her, He will care for Her and He will forgive her what ever wrongs she does as she serves Him, and in return kitten will give Master all she is, simple really and its not a lot to give, it is the giving of kitten to Master properly. Online is a great way to meet someone and that’s fine, but a slave needs real time, no pretences no illusions, no games, kitten gives Him her life as that is all she has to give Him and in return He gives kitten the reason for her life


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