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Erotic Humiliation

Posted on: March 3, 2009

Erotic Humiliation
There is something about being called a slut or a whore, being made to kneel at His feet, being used as a toy for His pleasure only that is so erotic, its something kitten loves and thankfully so does Master.

There are many books on the market describing this, but kitten has just finished reading one which to her seems to capture all the important parts of this act, to humiliate someone is something many people do on a daily basis but to humiliate someone within the BDSM life is not abuse, it is erotic play and in kittens opinion its great.

Picture the scene, a slave on her knees, her Master thrusting into her while all the time He is calling her names, telling her how bad a fuck she is, how she is worthless and He is only using her as there is not one else around at that time, mmmm such a turn on to hear Him telling kitten how useless she is, how worthless, and the thing to remember is, this is in a scene, afterwards Master does not call kitten them names, she is not worthless and W/we B/both know this.

This is a great book and one kitten really reccomends



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