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kitten has doubts she can do it

Posted on: January 27, 2009

kitten has been offered a new job, with the same company and at almost the same pay, but the responsibility and the hours will change, and to be honest not sure it is something kitten can do, she needs to make so many arrangements for son, and unless she pays out more money that means she will have to ask ex to do more, and kitten knows how that will end, kitten is already having problems with him, and if she takes this job then the problems will worsen kitten is sure, kitten will then have to have contact with him on an almost daily basis, not something she wants at all !
The only good side is she would not have to pay more childcare costs, kitten really torn what to do, she knows she is lucky to have a job the way things are going and she is grateful for that, she is the same as everyone else, bills to pay and food to buy but this will not actually bring much more money in, it will be a move to another job and that in itself kitten is worried about, she knows she can do it but it will mean more interaction with people, and kitten much prefers to do her job, she doesn’t like getting to know people, she always ends up getting hurt, and this job will be one where she has to get to know the staff in other shops, advise them and help them if there is a problem within the shop of any nature.
Kitten knows she should talk to Master but this is not something He can really help with, as there is an ocean between us at the moment, soon, when kitten is with Him then there will be no question of her going to Him, after all it would be His decision on what kitten did So kitten is confused once more and yeap add more doubts and worries to her already growing list

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