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The Word kitten Fears

Posted on: January 25, 2009

Why, that is one of the worst words in the English language, follow that with who, where and you have the makings of a fearful sentence, but to kitten the worst word is RELEASE. Kitten has heard this word bandied about, said in jest at times and as a way of trying to control at other times, unfortunately kitten knows the fear this word brings and until you have experienced it, and only then, will a sub or slave know this is not something to jest about, it is the one single word that can destroy a slave and unless you are completely unhappy with your Dom or Master then you will feel the terror of this word for ages to come. Master knows kitten has many fears, she tries to hide them, keep them to herself but there are times when things happen and her thoughts take over, and it is at these times kitten gets scared, she is scared of what will happen, what Master will do or say, and this is an irrational fear as He has never done or said anything to hurt kitten, the opposite in fact, He is constantly telling kitten she is safe and loved, He is always trying to praise kitten for things done, yet still the fears are there, and the fears multiply when things go wrong, or things happen that kitten cannot control. Kitten knows she is not liked by everyone, lol if she was then that would make her question what she was doing, but kitten is kitten, she is as honest as she can be in her interactions with others and she is always honest with herself * and at times that is the most important thing* kitten is always honest with Master, well she is ! kitten knows there are times she does not wish to tell Him what is going on in her head, but this is not dishonest, this is kitten keeping her fears and worries inside, its the best for everyone at times, kitten knows how her thoughts can hurt her and she will not hurt Master. This is a weird post, even for kitten, guess when she was reading another blog and the word release was mentioned things sprang to kittens mind, and as the time grows closer to kitten being with Master kitten has a feeling the fears and doubts she has inside will start to slowly leak out, kitten prays that is not the case, not really sure kitten is strong enough to deal with that along with all the other stuff as well


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