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So many questions in kittens head

Posted on: January 25, 2009

This is going to be a weird post, so please if you can be bothered bear with it, kitten has so much going on in her head, she can’t seem to make sense of things, and the things all lead to other things, running around and around never giving any peace.

kitten spoke briefly with Master last night, He is poorly so kitten never got to spend much time with Him as such  and with Him trying to catch up with work as well, the gaps in the chat were long at times, and this kitten doesn’t mind, kitten knows that when He has time He will chat with kitten, what confused her were some of the things said, whether in jest or not they make things in kittens head all the more muddled.

kitten knows she will be going into a situation that will be fraught with tension, not from Master * well not at first, lol guess it depends on the atmosphere between the slaves * and that worries her, to willingly put yourself into a situation that is tense with feelings already is something kitten does not recommend, the only thing kitten can say is at least she has been honest the whole way through, there has been no mistakes in how she sees things going, just wish others would be as well, without lying to everyone including themselves.

kitten has a need to be with Master, this is the beginning for kitten, and if things work out, then who knows, kitten could be moving perminantly, something she is sure will please some and not others, but that is not up to them, the decisions will be Masters then kittens, when talking about kitten and her life they are the only opinions that matter, so kitten prays she finds her happiness with Master without to much outside interferance, so far that has not been the case, not only with in the poly family but with kittens family as well,

kitten knows her daughter has a big problem with kitten going to Master, and she has been going and telling tales  to her father, this has been hard for kitten, but she lets him say what he wants to, call her the names he feels he needs to, then when he is gone then kitten sits and closes them away, one by one she takes his words and hides then inside, it is how kitten needs to do things to survive, some people cannot help themselves, and he is one of them, he needs to dominate kitten still, but the trouble is he really doesn’t like kitten, so is it domination of is it the feeling of loosing what once was his, he has no use for kitten but he will not let her be happy so he wants to break her, lol told you this was a weird post.

so many things in kittens head, one day, well in 80 days kitten will be with Master, then finally once and for all kitten can be happy, its the journey there that is going to be traumatic kitten thinks, but she is counting the days, counting the minutes until she can finally be in Masters arms, safe, loved and protected


2 Responses to "So many questions in kittens head"

All the trials and tribulations in kittens life are just small detours in her life.Finally doing what kitten desires is something that she deserves,Knowing what she has gone through in her life has made me want her to put her own wants and needs first for a change.Her smile needs to be for her not for others,and what a wonderful smile it is.Let your dreams come true, enjoy your master as only you yourself can. The wants of others have guided your life too long, it’s now *KITTEN TIME* !Devoting your self to your Masters desires will allow you to finally realise your own .I will be so happy to see you having the wonderful pleasures you have earned.I will keep you in my thoughts and as I remember the friendship we enjoy,I will be cheering for you. Love Red.

damn red, you never fail to bring a smile to kittens face and a tear to her eye, you are a very special friend to kitten and she knows that you wish her the best, you are right, this is * Kittens time * and it does not matter what others think, this is her dream and desire, by being with Master kitten can finally realise her journeys end, and the start of a new life, one she has wanted and needed for so long, others can either get used to it or not that is their choice now, the only thing that will stop kitten now is Master and kitten has a feeling He will not do that.
Remember kitten loves you deeply and always, be happy

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