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Jealousy in the family

Posted on: January 18, 2009

Even if You have not suffered from a jealous rivalry between subs/slaves that You own or if you are a sub/slave and have never acted like a jealous vindictive spoiled kid against your sister you will still have probably heard that jealousy between subs/slaves can be a very powerful emotion leading to Doms/Masters having to deal with all sorts of unexpected “thrills.” Neglected established slaves who cannot get over the fact that they are not alone in Masters World compete against others in order to gain attention. This annoying situation can become an endless source of competition and rivalry between those You own.

Treat each sub/slave as unique individuals

Subs/slaves cannot expect to be treated the same. Giving exactly the same amount of love and attention is not always feasible and in many cases it is not even wise. This is made obvious when dealing with a slave who does enjoy pain and one who doesn’t ( just an example) If You take a flogger to one who hates pain that is a punishment yet to one who thrives on it then it becomes a pleasure.. Treating subs and slaves as individuals instead of equals can help them realise their place in Your life, it goes a long way to reducing the need in them to make comparisons with others that You own,, however a word of warning, the basic necessities are not to be ignored and that goes for their every day well being as well as their sexual needs.

Avoid comparisons at all costs

Never compare the acts of what one sister does with that of another! Instead of telling them what they should be doing by using an example like “your sister does this for Me and she does that for Me”, tell them what they are doing for You. Creating guilt in Your slave will never bring the desired results and You may find that You will be facing future resentments and grudges towards that slave as the feeling of never being as good as them will taint things they do.

Build on the unique skills of Your property

In order to build your slaves self-esteem, encourage her skills in a different way from that of her sister. Slaves who enjoy the outcomes of their special efforts are more likely to feel loved and not neglected. Set Your slaves successes apart and keep the necessary balance.

Spend time alone with each slave

Before regretting not spending more time with your slave, make this precious time your priority and focus on finding the time and the energy to explore the vast possibilities of spending some quality time together. This could be in idle chit chat, talking of Your hopes and dreams, listening to all her hopes and dreams ( and lets face it ,, they will be Yours as well if she is serving You well, Your needs are her first thought ) Engaging in one on one play time, all things that to a slave are precious

Just a few thoughts, things tend to become blurred within a slaves mind,especially if a previously online only slave is to become a reality, their place will become unstable, they will no longer feel they are the ‘main’ slave and so they will have doubts and fears, and so will the ‘new’ slave, things are not always ass easy as a Dom/Master would wish and that is an unfortunate thing, but just as a Dom/Master can feel the pressure so can subs and slaves, sometimes more that thier Owner does as they are the ones who are in the middle of any problems occuring

Please think and listen to those You own, a happy slave means a very happy Master


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Wow, that is a great article!

You’ve inspired me!

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