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Online Humor ?

Posted on: November 9, 2008

There are times when a sub or slave is online with her Dom or Master and He will say something, something that is read by the sub/slave as hurtful or she takes in a way that is not meantafter a continuation of the conversation He might say He was joking, but kittens question is ,,, how are they meant to know ?

A conversation when types is ‘flat’ there is no gleam in the eye, no teasing note in the voice, a word type is just that, a word typed, it has no inflictions, no emotions, no rise or fall in the tone, a Dom or Master can show His displeasure in type by posting in capitols, everyone knows this is the same as shouting but there is no other way to let another know that the previous comment are meant in a teasing way, especially if the subject being teased about is one the sub or slave is sensative about already, and when it is then taken the wrong way and the sub or slave is left feeling bewildered as to what she has done wrong this time it takes time to get back to that light hearted place once more.

A sub or slave can be confident and know her worth when she is in the company of others but when she is with her Dom or Master her first instinct is to please Him, to have Him tease her is a wonderful thing, but as with all things unless it is something that she is certain is being said in a teasing manor then she runs the risk of being disrespectful if she teases back.

Subs and slaves do not necessarily have low self esteem, they are after all people, in kittens mind most of them are fearful of consequence’s that may arise if they dare take a serious remark as a joke and vice versa,so please do not judge by one conversation, only the Dom or Master will know His property and if she is not as He wants her to be then teach her or she will never know teasing her about it will do nothing for her self esteem apart from strip a bit more from her


2 Responses to "Online Humor ?"

While it is true that words exists on the flat plane, a true Master will know the feeling of his sub/slaves words. He should know the instant he begins to read them, the emotion with which they were written. He should know how that which is close to him responds to his words, actions and failure to act. If he cannot tell from the tone of her written words as he should of her spoken words then both need to rethink their relationship.

Yet, sadly very few who claim to control the very being of another know that person as they should. It takes a greater skill to know a person so well that they will know at an instant when they read words which are written that something is either wrong or exceptionally well with that person who is supposed to be close to them.

Know your sub/slave as you do yourself and each will enjoy the relationship tenfold.

As It Is,

kitten likes your words and does agree with them to a certain extent, there are times when a Dom or Master should be aware that words types lose the feeling and inflictions that the same words spoken have, so a teasing comment from one can and often is taken in a way that is not intended.

If the subject being spoken of is one in which there has been issues with before then it is hard to know whether the comments made are in a teasing mannor or an attempt to ‘break’ the pattern of a slave fleeing when she cannot deal with things, an issue kitten has and she knows she needs to break, so not all things are black and white unfortunatly but kitten thinks you for your kind words andthanks you for taking the time to answer her post

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