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Posted on: October 19, 2008

Trust in any relationship is a vital thing, a Dom or Master needs to know that He can trust those who serve Him as much as the sub or slave needs to know that her Dom or Master is a Man of honour and she can trust Him, especially if T/they are involved in some of the more extreme parts of BDSM.

There are times when a slave is party to parts of her Masters life that she knows she has no right to tell others, now if she is new or she is lonely or even if she thinks that by saying something will enable others to talk to her thus allowing her to have a conversation with another person, she should still not say anything, her Dom or Masters business is just that, His business and she has no right what so ever to actually tell His business to anyone.

If the Dom or Master is poly then there are times when one of those owned think they are more important than any others, the fact they have this knowledge to His life makes them believe they have a certain ‘ power’ over others, and by saying things that have happened during the course of the day they are ‘Lording ‘ over others within the relationship, this is something a Dom or Master needs to stop happening as they could find themselves poly with no one else to serve them except the one who thinks she is superior.

A new sub or slave invariably will resent an older sub/slaves presence, it can and often does make her feel inferior so she will say things, pass on information she has no right to, do things, mention things in various places knowing it will be read just to make herself look good and ‘more’ than another, all this will do is serve to make all involved in the relationship realise just how childish that one is being. We all have things to say and we all know parts of our Dom or Masters life, it is a sign of strength and maturity knowing that a sub or slave is just that, she has no right to spread her Dom or Masters business around to others, there is something called respect and if a sub or slave does not respect her Dom or Master, then how can another sister trust her with anything that is going on in their life ?

If you find yourself privy to anything that is happening in your Dom or Masters life, be it a new sub getting involved or a new car being purchased, or even a new job interview or promotion, anything that concerns your Dom or Master, then it is NOT your business to pass it on to others without permission and when you are found out and upset and crying, moaning about how your life is not fair and it was not your fault,  think on,,, this is your own fault for opening your mouth and chances are you are still doing it, you are going for the ‘please feel sorry for me ‘ angle.

Sub/slave or in a vanilla relationship, you have no right to spread your Dom or Masters life to others no matter what circumstances without His permission, thats what trust is about.


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