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Fears and Doubts

Posted on: October 17, 2008

There are times in everyone’s life when doubts and fears try to take control of them, no matter what and how you try it seems that you cannot shake them, so what do you do ?

Kitten steps back, she looks at her life, where it is, where it is going and what has happened to put those fears and doubts there, once she has done that the next step is to work out what to do about it, how can you make things right, how can you take these things that are in your head and make them go away ?

Kitten does what she does best, she runs for awhile, she knows that solves nothing but for her its the best way, speaking about them does nothing but cause more problems, so is easier to keep things where they belong and that is inside kitten, that way she can shut them away, close the door on them and hopefully lock them away from sight, it works most times, and on the times it doesn’t work, well kitten deals with that as well.

There are many things in life, both BDSM and vanilla that will fill a person with doubts about themselves, other peoples opinions should not matter but invariably they do and simple things, be it a word said or not said, well that too can have an impact. Kitten is kitten though and nothing gets to her for long, she has this built in survival streak, it means she can take the blows and while they might knowck her down they will not keep her there for long, might be a bit more battered and a bit more wary but she gets up ready for the next blow, and it will come as it always does.

Hey kitten is kitten, all singing and all dancing


1 Response to "Fears and Doubts"

I go through these doubts every few weeks but I know they will only last a couple of days. It is not easy to work through the doubts but I do get there in the end.

good luck to you with the doubts you have when you have them.

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