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Learning the Rules

Posted on: October 14, 2008

kitten sits here thinking about what she wants to write, there are times when kittens head is so full she cannot sort out what she wants to say, at those times she writes them into a separate document, putting them on paper helps to sort them out and she eventually ends up with what she wants to say, the trouble is, by the time she has sorted everything out she needs to start again !

kitten has been reading blogs of other slaves and subs for ages now, some are all about their lives with their Masters, some are just general and some are about their hopes and desires when they submit, and to be honest they are all different yet so very much alike.

It seems that the newer ones are asking questions about the life, the older ones are trying to answer and the ones who think they know are ‘butting in’ There is no rule book in this life, just as there is no rule book for vanilla life, however there are a few things that are always expected, kitten calls them the 3 R’s

#1 Respect, A sub or slave must respect her Dom or Master, if there is no respect then there is no D/s or M/s relationship

#2 Remember, Remember your position, you are not an equal, you are a sub or slave, your manner when addressing your Dom or Master should always reflect that no matter what is being said or done, there are times when He will test you, at those times remember rule 1… Respect

#3 Rights, A sub or slave has rights, she has choices, she had decisions, just because she is owned does not mean she is nothing, however it is what she does with those rights, choices or decisions that will determine if she is owned or not ! If a sub or slave is told to do something and she doesn’t want to she has the right to refuse, if there is a valid reason why she will not do it then a Dom or Master will listen most times but if there is no reason then a refusal can lead to further consequences, but she still has the choice

All to many times kitten hears ” I have nothing without my Masters permission ” or ” i am nothing unless He says i am ” Wrong, ,, sorry but if your Master wanted a lifeless empty shell then He  would have got a blow up doll, however, He does require, respect and obedience at all times and that is what a sub or slave does, she does not sulk or shouts, she does not try to with hold His rights ( have yet to meet a Dom or Master who would stand for that one ) she does however need to realise that her actions will determine His actions towards her a certain extent and she is in that way in control of her situation.

A sub or slave has the need to serve and be all she can for her Dom or Master, that is why she is a sub/slave, but all to often new ones enter thinking this is the life they have been seeking for so long only to suffer mood swings when they are not the centre of His world or they are not getting what they think they deserve, kitten agrees we all deserve respect and some uninterrupted time with your Doms or Masters, this is how you serve, however it is something that only He can grant you, if you are the type to sit and moan about it daily and try to insert yourself into His dealings with others, this might not be the life for you

Something to think about …..


2 Responses to "Learning the Rules"

Hello Smitten, this is Spector. I read your post about rules, and I really liked it. It was very insightful. You seem to have a good grasp on this. Like many, I also don’t want a doormat subbie that has no mind of their own. What fun is that? I think I’ll be reading more of your blogs from now on. Keep up the good work.

BTW- I had no idea you were such a submissive!

* smiling* kitten is kitten, all singing and dancing, there are many who try to figure out the enigma that is kitten, few manage to and that is what makes kitten who she is. kitten has views and opinions that she expresses here, unfortunatly many feel threatened by then which is why kitten does not go about elsewhere saying them

its good to see you here ‘spector and kitten hopes you are well and happy


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