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Posted on: October 12, 2008

A lot gets said about how a sub/slave is expected to react when her Dom or Master is poly and how a Dom/Master has the right to have as many serve Him as He desires, and this kitten agrees with, but, and lol heres the kicker, can a poly Master become monogamous ?

kitten thinks they can and sometimes even they do not realise it, lol that made no sense but bear with kitten while she rambles on. A Dom or Master can still be poly but He will also want the ‘Happy ever after Life’ as well and so He might want another for sex but His tastes will change and He will spend less and less time with others and more and more time with a significant other, and if there are children involved then He will become a ‘family man’ more and more.

There are times in a persons life when they are looking to settle down and while not have a totally vanilla relationship, they are looking more and more for the stability that a vanilla life can bring, they seek to implement certain bits into their life and while not giving up the M/s life they love they find they are not playing with others as much and they are listning to and taking note of the sub/slave more and more. There is nothing wrong with a Dom or Master listning to those they own, please don’t think there is, its more a case of the sub/slave altering their status within the relationship.

A poly Master is human and as such He can want a settled life with one person and children, there is nothing wrong with that, and if it is made clear at the start that any others that He owns will be for certain things or sexual reasons  only then a great life can be had by all,


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