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Posted on: October 10, 2008

So many enter this life thinking it will solve all their problems, that when they submit to a Dom or a Master then what ever they felt, thought, were would magically disappear and they would become this brand new person with no problems, things that plagued them would be erased and life will be all sunshine and roses.


This life is not the answer to all your prayers, its life and what ever problems you had before will still be there, its your Dom/Masters job to enrich your life not fix it, so if you have am image in your head of this being the thing that will fix you then kitten is sorry but you will proberbly be in for a big shock.

There are so many things that make up this life and some ofthose things a Dom or Master will have no knowledge of, there are certain things that a Man wil not be able to identify with and its at those times that a sub or slave will look elsewhere for information and help, so who does she turn to ?

Ideally she should turn to those within her family if her Dom or Master is poly but failing that she should turn to another who is more experienced, unfortunately the advice that might be given might not be something that you wish to hear, all to many times kitten hears of subs and slaves seeking help and then scorning the advice given, it is something that many do in all walks of life, they seek the knowledge and then adapt it so that its how they want it to be, some only view their version of the truth and this life as they want to, regardless if its right or wrong, if it doesn’t fit into their ideals then they ‘twist’ it a bit so it does fit into what they want.

Every relationship between a Dom/Master and those they own is different, no two are the same yet at the same time it is not a relationship in the traditional sense of the word, its a joining of like minded people into something they both want, to view it as a relationship and to try to convince yourself that it is a joining of hearts and souls is bound to lead to heart ache and misery for at least one of you, usually the sub or slave, therefore the advice sought and given can only be from the more experienced ones personal views, what has happened to her, what she thinks etc etc and as such it might be something that you will disregard but at the same time it is something worth thinking about.

There are no set rule books for this life, the only things that are consistent is the way a Dom/Master is addressed, the respect that is shown to the Dom/Master and others in the family, the knowledge that you are not the only one to have ever had these problems and fears and doubts, no matter what you are experiencing kitten is sure some one some where has experienced it before you and survived it.

Take heed in the fact that your feelings are just that, yours and they are often more magnified when constantly looked at, move on from that stage where you are the focus of your life, this is not about you any more but about your Dom/Master and as such your feelings, while important, are important only to you, its your choice whether you act on them or you recognise them and deal with them, there is always someone around to help you when you need it.


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