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Posted on: October 8, 2008

Kitten is the type of person who values certain things, not things that cost lots of money but simple things, the type of things that make you feel so happy, they brighten your day and make you realise that there is someone or something that cares for you as much as you care for them.

A word spoken or a message typed all mean a lot to kitten and she takes these things to heart as she is a person who knows the value of words and deeds, the same way a lie can destroy so can a kind word build up, this is something kitten knows and she tries to always be fair when dealing with others.

Kitten today received an apology from someone who she had thought was a person to avoid at all costs, the trouble this person brought with her was something kitten had felt the backlash from and so she was the last person kitten had expected to apologise, but it seems that this other person has grown up and moved on, she is no longer involved with people who were causing her harm and mischief and she is, to be totally honest, finally growing up.

This brought to mind instances and things said and done, and with the thinking came the realization that life is to short, kitten really doesn’t care any more, she doesn’t care if others wish to speak to her or not, she doesn’t mind if they feel they need to ‘hide’ when they are online, she doesn’t worry that what she is saying might offend as if there is no wrong doing then how can she offend? Kitten is at the stage now she needs to think of kitten and those she cares about and who care about her and not of others, and * shrugs* kitten can only be kitten, she has never pretended to be anyone else, she has only ever been herself and that is good enough for kitten and hopefully good enough for Master, kitten is kitten all singing and all dancing and all kitten


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