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Posted on: October 2, 2008

Kitten is a great reader, she reads blogs, stories and basically anything she can and in her quest of more reading material she came across some groups which offered new stories and advice about the life that she leads, being kitten she started to read them and as she was reading she could feel herself getting crosser and crosser, and at the end of reading one of the post she was furious.

What was in the post ? Nothing much really just one persons opinion but what she was referring to was something that had happened between herself and kitten and she assumed that she had the right to demean and ridicule what was said to make herself look good and all knowing. It amazes kitten that she can appear to be so sweet and serene and act ( and it is an act) the innocent when all the while she is like a viper waiting to strike. This has done nothing but prove to kitten that her friendship was indeed one sided and that kitten is better off without it, too many times kitten has held out her hand only to have it bitten, well no more, kitten is not letting anyone else have a part of her, she has her few close friends and they know that kitten will always be there for them as they are for her but kitten is done with trying to be nice to ones who want to stab her in the back, they can go to hell.

It’s funny really, the internet is a powerful thing and while some use it for good it seems too many use it for causing trouble, and to be honest kitten is fed up with those who have cyber courage, yet when given the opportunity to actually speak to kitten and say what is on their mind they go all shy and coy and pretend they have no problem with her, its all kittens fault,, one bit of advice to all who read this …… stop playing games and grow up… act like the mature person you are meant to be and stop with the bloody posts and innuendos,, be a real person and say it to kittens face and not scurry off and post all over the place, or are you scared that kitten can see right through you and your games ?

Sorry rant over but had to say it


2 Responses to "Reading"

Get it all out of your system kitten. get rid of the stress, relax and don’t let others get to you.You are a much better person then those that put you down.Don’t let those that are jealous upset you.Besides I love to see you ranting, it’s good for you.

Love red.

smiling,, Red you are a dear friend and one of the only ones who like to see kitten rant ! kitten will admit to being furious last night, in hindsight she should have just turned the other cheek again but there are times when enough is enough and by keep turning the other cheek you are allowing those people to contine with their behaviour, not something kitten was going to do.. Take care Red and know that kitten is thinking of you always

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