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Posted on: September 25, 2008

It’s 7am and kitten is sitting on the patio, showered and half dressed ready for another long day, all she can hear are the birds in the trees in her garden and the sound of silence, a sound she is used to and one that can fill her with peace or dread, its strange how something can do two different things, there are times when kitten welcomes the silence, when she is troubled or struggling within herself she needs the silence to focus on what she needs to sort out, and yet at other times the silence is a punishment, something that scares her and leaves her with more doubts and fears then the loudest shouting.

Today the silence is confusing her, there is so much going on in her head, it might be the lack of sleep or it might be that she has questions that need to be asked so they can be answered, or it might be that she has doubts and fears that are raising their head more and more lately, and hopefully at some stage today she will figure out what is plaguing her, as to be honest she hates this at the moment she is so confused and mixed up.

Do you ever turn around and look about you, really look at your life and where you are and wonder WHY…. Why am i here, What am i doing, Where am i going ?

Kitten does and these questions have plagued her more and more just lately, she needs direction and focus, kitten needs very little in her life but simple things are the ones she needs the most, she needs to belong and to be honest at the moment kitten doesn’t belong anywhere.


3 Responses to "Belonging"

there is a big differance between not belonging to anyone and not belonging to someone.the first is your choice, the second is their choice, You belong to anyone whose life you have touched.it is their choice if they accept you.To many of us you will always belong. to those that don’t accept you that is their loss.accept those that love you , look beyond those that don’t.

someone you will always belong to.

you always could touch kittens heart red, thank you my friend and know that kitten thinks of you so much x

thank you kitten. just knowing you think of me always. brings sunshine into my life.


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