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This life is not just a fairy tale

Posted on: September 14, 2008

As kitten sits here in the garden, for once the sun is shining and it looks like its going to be a lovely day, kitten really hopes so, she needs to feel the sun on her skin and the warmth invading her body, lol kitten loves the heat and hates the cold, guess she lives in the wrong part of the world for many reasons and that is just another one.

So what shall kitten write? been a few days since she has wrote anything, well that’s not strictly true kitten so far has wrote about 40 pages of things, her thoughts, her feelings, her hopes and dreams, that last part was thanks to a friend, seems she is interested in what kitten wishes for and what kitten wants from her life, and that is a wonderful feeling, to be remembered and thought of.

Kitten is the type of person who remembers things, guess you could say its something she has done all her life, remembered dates, events, upcoming appointments, its a part of what she has always done and its something she does now automatically and as she was reminded the other day, just because she thinks and remembers important things to others doesn’t mean they will remember anything that is going on in kittens life, that is something she needs to realise, what is important to her is not to anyone else and so she needs to just deal with things herself in her own way.

A friend of Kittens had to go and file assault charges the other day against someone, it was horrible and something she never wants to do again, but the worst of it was, he got a slap on the wrist and a caution, it will go on his file but no actual court charges are being brought against him because it was a first offence and she was not seriously harmed, apart from being shaken up and a bit bruised, but that it seems doesn’t count for much, guess she should have let him beat her up a bit more, who knows, maybe then it might have been different.

The reason kitten mentions this is because the friend lives this lifestyle and kitten wonders if that has anything to do with why the charges were reduced? The authorities look at the people involved and they have no real understanding of what and how we live, they judge us as a whole group and they see us all involved in kinky bondage, whips and cuff type sex, so if that’s true then maybe the assault wasn’t assault but a play time that went a bit far and the woman decided she didn’t want to play any more? Well they would have been very wrong but that is something that she has to prove, they were both dressed but her top was ripped, her arms were bruised from his grip and the mark on her face from his hand should have told them that, but on looking around the house and him telling the police that she likes it rough, ask any of their ‘friends’ well she then becomes the one who has to prove what happened, instead of the victim the burden of proof laid on her, and unless she dragged her children into it then she had only her word against his.

The only thing that could be done was that her friends could support her, knowing the events that took place they could only listen to her and be there for her, something she appreciated kitten is sure as to go through that on your own must have been horrible. In this life style we are open to others opinions daily, and it seems that unfortunately others misconceptions of who and what we are do affect us in ways that unfortunatly until events happen and we need outside help we really have no knowledge of.

Sometimes it feels as though you are struggling up a really big mountain when you enter this life, something kitten really prays to get to the top of eventually as at the top lays happiness and contentment and all that kitten wants to make her complete


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