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Being Useful

Posted on: September 11, 2008

Every one wants to feel useful, they want to be a part of something and these feeling are no less, in fact they are probably more intense if you are a sub/slave in the D/s M/s lifestyle. A slave is supposed to be a part of her Masters life, she can be a part of the sex side only or she can be a non sex slave and be used for her knowledge or skills in another area of her Masters life, but what if you are neither ? What if you are not ‘involved’ in any part of His life, you are not used for the fun sex side or the hard work business side, then what are you ?

A slave and in certain cases a sub as well need to feel useful, they crave the chance to show their owners that they can and will help in any way they can, if the things that need doing are work related then if taught they will strive to put 110% effort into any task given and if sex related, well that is something that kitten is sure they will need no effort or encouragement in.

A slave has few needs and those are easily satisfied, they need to be a part of their Masters life and if it is online then the feelings of being included and wanted are harder to portray, the effort needed on both parts is greater and at times words typed and words meant are not the same, or the meanings are open for misinterpretation, both of which can cause conflict and hurt feelings, this is where communication is vital, the lines should be open so that both the Master and the slave can talk to each other about what is going on and what is expected of her, can you imagine how many games would be lost in a Football game if the coach told the players to just get on with it and get the ball, there is no directions, no game plan, no words of encouragement, well the same can be true for this life as well.


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