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Comments welcome .. Not always

Posted on: September 9, 2008

I belong to a few of the ‘ social’ media groups,, dig, reddit, stumble to name just three and I enjoys those sites, they are basically places where people from around the world find interesting stuff on the internet and ‘post’ it onto these sites for others to read and enjoy, the ones reading it can either vote for it by ‘ digging’ it, thumbing it up or down or arrowing it, all of the sites give people the option to review the articles and comment on them, what they liked/disliked etc.

The internet is a vast place, full of many fascinating and wonderful things, its also full of some really bad stuff that make you want to cringe, all of these go to make up the internet, as in life there is good and bad and what appeals to one person does not necessarily appeal to another and that is fine, its how it should be, imagine how boring life would be if everyone liked the same food, dressed the same, spoke the same and followed the same path as everyone else.

Guess the reason for writing this is that over the time that I have been on these sites I have seen a marked decrease in the comments, the comments are still on the submissions that’s true but they seem to be nastier, the tone of them more scathing and bitchy if you like, and that is such a shame, someone had gone to the trouble of thinking, “ Hey this is good, I will share it with everyone” only to be met with scorn and abuse in some cases, and to be honest I cannot understand why

If you don’t like something, don’t vote for it, there your job is done, finished, unless the article is plainly offensive then report it, again your job is done. The old saying, “ If you can’t say something nice then say nothing at all “ rings true in most cases, if someone has posted a picture that they thought was lovely or amazing, that is their opinion and should be respected as such, the same is true for currant affairs articles and jokes, even the weird and wacky odd ball things that can be found are interesting to some people and if you saw it awhile back then that’s fine, you proberly already have an opinion on that so there is not need to comment “ Damn this is older than I am, what a waste of my time “ How were we to know you had seen it ? How were we to know you liked/disliked it?

Comments on all submissions are welcome I know but at times the comment are just plain rude and offensive and to be honest, there is no need for it, if you don’t like something, move on to the next one, or submit your own and tell us what it is that you like.

Ok I am done


8 Responses to "Comments welcome .. Not always"

I couldn’t agree more!


So true. Don’t like it, don’t vote. Couldn’t have made it simpler.

I agree with you 100%! There is not need for rudeness and nastiness.

From now on, I will comment on anyone who comments on my submissions
Please increase your font size?

I agree, Benny shared this and I dugg it 🙂

Comments welcome ,, sometimes, | Deliggit.com…

\r\nThis is for me, a rant by a digg user \r\nIf you dont like something, do…

If you can’t say something nice then say nothing at all “ rings true in most cases, if someone has posted a picture that they thought was lovely or amazing.

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