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kitten,,, all singing all dancing

Posted on: September 4, 2008

Ssssssshh, quietly, can you hear that sound?

It’s the sound of my heart breaking slowly,

Shattering into pieces as i try to understand the feelings inside of me

Can you see my tears falling, wetting my face as i sob silently?

Yet all you see is my smile, the one i put upon my face to fool the world

Let me hear your voice, i need to hear your words of reassurance

Let me savour then and hold then inside my head, take them and keep them with me

Please hold me, keep me safe, protect me yet let me grow and learn

i am so close to falling apart, i don’t know which way to turn, show me the way please

My head and heart are pounding; the pain is tearing me apart

You ask me what is wrong with me, to tell you what is causing this pain

But i cannot find the words i need to explain these things to You

I need to keep them locked away, hidden from the world

i have to try to protect myself, not give them room to grow

So all i ask is that You hold me, keep me safe from harm, take this pain i feel and make it go away

Silently i sit here and wrap my arms around my shaking body

Hugging tight to hold myself together in one piece

My head bowed on my knees as i curl into a ball, protecting myself, i cannot break now

i hear my name and lift my head, wiping away my tears, forcing a smile onto my face

Turning, looking, my smile is all you see, i am me, all singing all dancing, it will be ok


2 Responses to "kitten,,, all singing all dancing"

You need a friend, or a should you can always call on me. I don’t know all your troubles, But I know how it is to wear a mask everyday. Maybe if I pretend long enough things WILL get better…someday. *sigh.
Like I said hun, if you need a friend….


so many think this is the answer to all of lives problems, that nothing can touch us, nothing can hurt us, but that is so wrong, life still happens and that in itself makes us vulnerable. We strive to be all we can be but things happen and that is not possible always,
kitten thanks you for your very kind offer and she is sorry that you too feel the pain of wearing a mask, that is something that sometimes helps but in the long run just hide the things you are feeling, this it seems we both know

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