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Posted on: September 2, 2008

Kitten hasn’t written in a few days, so much going on and time escaping her, that is life and at time it’s no picnic really.

Kitten has been thinking, and that in itself is scary, those who know kitten are few and far between but she holds them close in her heart, kitten has a big heart which it seems others love to stamp on, either with words said or not said, deeds done or not done, all things designed to hurt yet kitten is still here, still smiling, ok might be strained at times but as she said, that’s life.

People see this way of life as an escape, those who do not understand it mock it, and those who pretend to understand but have no idea cause harm and pain to others, kitten knows she is not totally blameless, she has been known to attack a few times herself, more in self defence but that is still no reason to do it and kitten knows that.

So what has kitten been thinking? well too much it seems and she is tired now, tired of trying and hoping and wishing and praying, what will be will be and kitten has no control over things, she is just kitten and one day that will be enough, hopefully


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