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Misconceptions and False Beliefs

Posted on: August 22, 2008

It makes kitten smile when she reads/hears of others misconceptions. Kitten knows that people form preconceived ideas and likes/dislikes to other people based on initial meetings but just lately she has seen those preconceived ideas enter into other things and to be honest she smiles when she hears of them

People seem to think that because kitten is online with her Master during the day and early evening that T/the do nothing but chat and interact, lol if only that was the truth! kitten can be online with Master for hours at a time and not a word spoken as He is busy, this is true for the day as well as the evening, and when kitten does get to talk to Him then invariably others would interrupt assuming that kitten had spoken to Him all day so kitten doesn’t get to interact with Him or have one to one time sometimes for days on end

An example is this week, Master has been busy with various projects and this kitten understands, she still craves that time spent talking but it has not happened yet kitten is sure that people are under the impression that Master talks to kitten constantly … one day this week, kitten and Master were online together for 13 hours total time spent talking amounted to less than 90 minutes, ( spread out over the 13 hours) and that is not the first nor will it be the last time that happens kitten is sure

It seems to kitten that not everything is as it first appears and that is one thing that should be known, just because you think it doesn’t mean it is so… yes kitten is a slave to a poly Master and yes He will talk to kitten when He wishes and about what He wishes, but as with all things, its not all plain sailing and kitten would love to spend time with her Master on her own, but that is something she dreams of and knows happens only when others are not around to interrupt, either work, other projects or other slaves. All slaves are selfish in one way by craving time with the One who owns them, but all slaves need to learn to share if their Master is poly and that kitten does, a selfish slave who demands attention or throws her toys from the pram gets nothing, but by the same token a Master knows that all slaves have needs and wants, and does His best to see that all slaves are being cared for, even if it mean another  slave getting her nose put out of joint


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