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kitten is kitten, no more no less

Posted on: August 22, 2008

Hand in Hand we climb this hill,, together we can free fall

Hand in Hand we climb this hill,, together we can free fall

Do you ever wonder about your life? About where and when it is going to go your way? When you will ever realise your dreams, your hopes? Your ambitions?

Its strange, kitten really though she was set for life,when she was with her previous Master, who was also her husband, she was happy and contented, things were ok, lol nothing is ever perfect is it and kitten served Him in everyway He demanded, some of the things kitten had to do have affected her in small ways and even now a word or a gesture can make the memories flood back, the other night was an example of that , then things changed, in a bad way, and kitten was in a place that she prays no slave or sub will ever be, she had to make a choice, her child or her Master.

It is one of the worst decisions kitten has ever made, she had no choice really, her child was dying ( kitten thanks god he is still with her and as well as he can be )and needed her so there was no contest, that in itself made kitten a bad slave in His eyes, this lead to years of not being good enough, not being worth anything, kitten was useless she was a failure lol kitten was so many things she is sure some of the words He actually made up.

Eventually kitten could take no more and He left, it was His choice though not kittens, kitten had been ignored sexually for so long it didn’t make any difference to her, He would take people home with Him, other subs and pleasure them in front of kitten and make her watch, all the time telling her she will never know the feeling of Him again as she was too fat/ugly/stupid to deserve it . Do you ever shut off inside your head ? where things said and done will not hurt you any more ? kitten became an expert at that, smiling, she used to write in her head, compose stories and poems while her expression was blankly watching ( had learnt early that to not watch was not worth the punishment received)

This is just one chapter in kittens life, it happened and there is nothing kitten can do about the past, maybe tomorrow she will tell you all about someone she meet who changed her, and in a way He is responsible for kitten being with her Master now, kitten cannot live in the past any more,, she has to look to the future but the past is something that shapes our future, it is something that makes us who we are

Kitten is kitten, no more no less, she is an owned slave and she serves her Master as best she can, yes she pisses Him off at times, but she also makes Him smile and she knows He laughs out loud at some of her kitteneze sayings, kitten has very few good friends, there is one she travels hand in hand with daily , kitten has a sister who she hopes to interact with eventually, who knows stranger things happen at sea

Kittens saying ,,,, Always remember who you are, to not be you is to pretend to be someone else


2 Responses to "kitten is kitten, no more no less"

Keep on truckin’ and saying your “kitteneze” things, lol

I am a strong believer in “The past makes us who we are and makes us stronger people”. As hard as the past is sometimes, you have to remember what has happened in the past because it is a part of the person you have become. Yes, we all have things we want to forget and never return to but I have found in those hard times, its then when we have become a solid person. A solid person takes those hard times and takes them as they come….. taking what life gives you with a smile on your face. Yes… I know.. not always easy to have a smile on your face but people will sure wonder why the hell you have such a big smile on your face!
“Challenges” “Challenges” “Challenges”
I love this image A LOT. We all have our challenges in life… some easier than others but in a sense we are all traveling this great journey we call life. Thank you again for writing from your heart… can’t wait till next time.

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