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Is it enough ?

Posted on: August 18, 2008

A slave has many uses tor a Master, and they can range from being a house slave, a slave who helps a Master achieve His dreams, a slave who is there for emotional support, a sex slave, a same sex slave (one who will not have sex with Master but will engage at His request with other slaves He owns) but what if the type of slave you are is not enough? What if you know you are not desired by your Master as you want to be, you know He values you for certain things but He does not desire you sexually, will this be enough for you? Can you serve Him knowing you will never be used by Him?

Kitten knows that the feeling a slave feels for her Master are not just sexual but this forms a part of this life and if your Master shows no interest in you sexually then problems will occur. He will obviously be getting His needs met by others but what about you? A slave is told when to play and when to cum, yet if your Master doesn’t think of her needs then it can be and often is weeks at a time between Him remembering and more often than not it is at her reminder, this only serves to deflate a slaves feelings of self worth, she feels she is not valued or worth thinking about and this can and does lead to her doubting herself, if she is not worth a passing thought then what is she worth?

When you first get with a Master online then it is obviously difficult but in this age of cams, mics, and internet it need not be impossible, and if your sisters tell you that Master ‘ made them cum 12 times last night’ and you have not been played with at all, lol if her Master plays with those He doesn’t own but still not with you then you start to wonder what is wrong with you and question why, kitten knows that all slaves are individual but ultimately the basic needs of a slave should be remembered.

A slave has few needs and if she is a sexual person when her Master meet her and accepted her gift of submission then it stands to reason she will have desires and wants, things that form a part of her and those needs do not go away.

Question need to be asked and answered, this can be a major problem in any relationship not only in the M/s or BDSM life, but in this life the problems are more noticeable, if your Master does not want you,, can you really submit to Him ? Everyone has needs.


2 Responses to "Is it enough ?"

i love your blog, i added to my fav’s. Your thoughts are well written out!

thank you for your kindness, your comments mean alot to kitten. what kitten writes here is what kitten feels and thinks, sometimes its doesn’t make sense she knows but it is what is going on in her head, lol and kittens head is a dangeous place to visit at times.
kitten is glad you enjoy her words and hopes you continue to do so
Thank you

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