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An Excert from An Owned Life, a best selling book on the M/s life

Posted on: August 17, 2008


The idea of being in control of any aspect of
their lives is unappealing. For those who have truly
given their lives to another, they want to hang onto
nothing. Their internal workings tell them to let go.
Again, these people are also at the extreme on our
submissive-dominance scale. My experience is that a
slave truly has no desire to dominate anything.
Occasionally the impulse will arise to be defiant and
mischievous. This is by no means one trying to be
dominant. A slave handed a lot of responsibility after
being submissive for any length of time would crack.
Long-term happiness would not be possible. It goes
totally against that person’s nature.
It is this reason why so many feel “at home” when
they find this lifestyle. I have witnessed the “relief’” that
my slaves experienced when they ceded to that inner
desire. Their lives seemed to lack that completeness
regardless of the success attained.

This book is about the only one that kitten has found that truely answers and explains some of the finer points of this life she chooses to lead, its honest approach to things is something kitten found refreshing


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