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Moving from On line to Real Time

Posted on: August 11, 2008

Statistics show that for every Master there are approximately 20 sub/slaves, that’s a lot of people needing to serve someone, so the chances are the one you are serving will be poly, that is have at least one other slave with Him and that is something that you will need to be aware of and indeed be comfortable with when you take your relationship from online to real time, and that in the end is what we all want to do if you are really committed to this life.

But what about the things that plague you on line, how do you deal with them before taking it real?

On line is a great stepping stone to making this life real but there are times when blind faith and absolute trust are more than complete knowledge, for example, if your Master tells you that you have to go to work naked, and you say ‘ Yes Master certainly’ chances are you are lying or you have a job that kitten wants, the order is not practical, it is not something that you can do but you are telling Him that you are going to do it, so does He trust you ? Indeed does He trust you for the other things He asks as well then?  In all things you need to be honest, just because He cannot see you perform all the tasks does not give you licence to exaggerate or lie.

What about a Master though, what if you have questions about Him? kittens advice is to always ask, its your life remember and you need to be 100% certain especially if there is distance involved, you cannot realistically be expected to go thousands of miles to meet a person who you have no knowledge of. Talk to others, find out about the person you are serving, lets face it, if a slave can lie then so can a Master, and at the end of the day your safety and well being are the most important thing.

So know He knows more about you and you know more about Him, you are ready to go the next step, but hold on, you have doubts, now what?  What happens if He has another who doesn’t like you? Wouldn’t talk to you online but is going to be a part of your life with Him? again this is something that needs to be addressed, remember that most poly Masters want their slaves to have sex with each other, so she is going to be a sexual player in this as well, her mouth is going to be on your pussy, something to make you cringe if she has sharp teeth !  A sister who doesn’t really like you but pretends for Masters sake is something to be wary of, as she can and often does cause trouble; all issues really need to be sorted before you find yourself in a situation that can only be distressing for you all.

What about your Master though? What if He is online with you but never has an interest in playing with you? What if He has no desire to play sexually with you? How do you know that when it is real time He will want to then? in this age of cams and mics and phones etc it is so easy to see who you are with and to watch them and talk to them while you give them instructions on how to play, but if the Master shows no interest in that with you now, if there is no interaction while you are to cum for Him then that is something that needs to be thought about, can you travel all that way and be ignored? If He doesn’t find you desirable online, then there’s a good chance He won’t in person, and unless you are to be a non sex salve that is one of the most important parts of the relationship, and one that really must be dealt with, can you imagine the hurt and disappointment to travel a distance only to be ignored sexually? He might say that it is not the case, that He does desire you but sometimes actions are louder than words or in that case non actions,  so you really need to be sure as this is your life and happiness that is at stake and just because you are a slave you still need to know you are wanted, it could be you are too kinky for Him and that is something you might need to look at, or you might be too horny ,, yes some people are intimidated by a horny slave, all things you might need to look at and if they are things you can change and still be you then that’s ok but if they are things  that make up a vital part of you, then possibly you are not compatible, again something that needs to be addressed before you go real time

 some things are too important to be ignored, so before you even think about moving from online to real time they need to be talked about and worked out,  this is your life at stake and  the issues that cause you concern online are the ones that will ultimalty have the most impact on your relationship,


Just some kitten thoughts


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