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Judging Others

Posted on: August 9, 2008

There are many times when you lead this life that you are asked questions that you either do not want to answer of when you do answer them they lead to more and more probing ones.

Kitten knows that the only questions that she MUST answer are those posed by Master but there are times when she is asked things by her family, her friends, her work mates, and she is reluctant to answer, why? Is she ashamed? Is she embarrassed?  No kitten is neither, she is just at the stage where she knows they will mock or scorn, or preach and lecture

There are so many people in this world who live their lives as they want to , look at all the married people, the gays, the spinsters and the bachelors, they are free to be who they want to be and while they too are subject to ridicule at times they are on the whole left alone, yet we are not.

Kitten has had lectures about how women burned their bras to set kitten free (kitten never asked them to, she had no part of that ) kitten is told that to let One person have that much control over her is wrong ( by who’s definition is it wrong ? not kittens ) Then lets not forget the ‘abuse’ that happens in this life,, well kitten is a pain slut so to her it is not abuse when He takes the paddle, the whip, the crop to her but as kitten knows there is abuse in this life, but there is abuse in all forms of life, this is no different.

When people find out for the first time that kitten is a slave they react in various ways, mainly it is a morbid curiosity that turns to disbelief and then to ridicule and scorn, they have a fascination to know and when they are told they shake their heads and utter words of pity and in some cases insult, that is their right, kitten doesn’t judge them, how she lives is her choice as it is their choice how they live, each to their own is a saying that comes to mind.

Kitten wishes that there was no need to omit some of the things she loves when she is with others, she really struggles hard to work with people who are closed minded and not open to new things, so many times kitten has wanted to scream at them to tell them that life is for living and not just to exist, but she bites her tongue and keeps quiet, as she knows that what she knows about is something they will only ever imagine or if they knew they would avoid her, thinking that as she is a slave she is contagious,, lol its only contagious if you really want it to be ( either that or they think she will try to steal their hubbies, entice Him with her whips and chains,)

Guess what kitten is saying is please do not judge us, and we will not judge you


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