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Learning to Listen ,,,, a short story

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Kitten would like to share a story she wrote,, more are on


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Walking into the room, my head bowed,, eyes lowered, i could sense Him rather than see Him, my heart racing as i moved closer, almost level with Him i stop and drop to my knees, my eyes not looking at Him , i wait,, wait for Him to speak , to tell me what He wants , what i am supposed to do, thinking for myself can be a mistake as i try to pre- empt Him ,, a small smile flits across my lips as i remember earlier, in my haste and need to please Him i had stripped and laid across the frame, that was the reason I was here now, my eagerness pleased Him but now it was time to learn my lesson, His was the way, not what i thought He wanted , but what was actually said.

‘Not undressed yet?’ came His query
Fingers fumbling i started to undo my buttons, popping one across the room in my haste, my hands struggling to undo the knot i had created in my scarf around my neck
‘ STOP ‘His voice commanded,,’ you are doing it again,, not listening, just assuming,, I asked a question,, it was not a command or an order,, but a simple question but still you try to guess what I mean ,, try to judge what I might be implying by asking it ‘
‘ I am sorry Sir ‘ i stammer,, shame burning my face as i realise i had done it again ,,

He smiles,, that small half smile that tells me that He is amused with me ,, that He finds my actions funny, i close my eyes and sigh, a small sound escaping my lips as His fingers grip my chin, lifting my head up,
‘ Look at Me’ He commands,
Raising my eyes I look, His face captivating me.. His smile warming me as I start to stammer,, apologise , tell Him i am so sorry but His finger covers my lips and stops me
‘ you need to know what I want and when I want it BUT you also need to learn to listen and then act not to assume, not to try to jump ahead ,, so you will learn this and I am sorry but the lesson may not be an easy one for you but it needs to be taught’
‘ Now strip ‘
Hands resuming their task,, my clothes in a pile beside me as i strip quickly ,, bra, shirt, skirt and panties removed in moments,, finished i look back up at Him and wait
Moving , He goes back to His chair , smiling at me He sits and picks up His paper,, leaving me there stripped on the floor awaiting His next command
He sits,, i wait,, He reads,, i watch Him, minutes drag by,, He ignores me ,, the paper taking His interest not me, closing my eyes i remember earlier,, a small smile flits across my face as i recall the pleasure He gave me , the feel of Him in my mouth,, my wet pussy, my tight ass, the feel of the paddle across my ass as i beg Him for more, my nipples harden as i remember,, a small groan deep in my throat as unbidden my fingers move over my body, lost in my own world as i sit on the floor, oblivious to Him yet so aware as my fingers touch my aching nipples,, pulling them gently hoping He does not see,, does not notice
‘Having fun ? ‘ A voice in my ear asks,, startled i jump,, so lost was i in my own pleasure i had not heard Him move silently behind me ,,
‘ oohhhh god Sir,, You scared me ‘ i stammer, my fingers stopping , eyes flying open wide as i turn my head to look at Him
‘ Did I say for you to touch what is Mine ? ‘ He enquires
Shaking my head,’ no Sir You didn’t but You were reading and i thought..’
i got no further before He laughs at me ‘ you thought,,, and the whole purpose of this exercise is for you to learn when to think and when to listen,, I said strip , nothing more, nothing less,, now get Me My strap ,, you My sweet are going to be punished I am afraid ‘
Standing on shaky legs i move to the wall,, the wall of pleasure and pain ,, hand reaching up i select a strap,, hoping that He will again not notice that i have chosen the largest one,, the one that doesn’t sting as much while it marks my flesh, turning back to Him i see Him smiling and shaking His head,
‘ you should have asked which one shouldn’t you My slut ? ‘ He says,, the smile in His voice telling me that He had seen my thoughts and hopes
‘ For that please bring me the thin one ‘ He requests,
Swallowing hard i replace the one i had chosen and bring the long thin black leather strap from its hook back over to Him , turning my back as He takes it i lean over and touch my toes,, the normal position for Him to punish me
Screaming in shock i jump . hands moving to the burning on my ass, tears filling my eyes ,, the pain intense but the worse thing being i had had no warning , no words , nothing
‘ you did it again! You assumed I wanted to punish your ass so you pre empted Me ,, you tried to guess what I was going to do ! ‘ He shouted,, the displeasure in His voice tearing me apart,, hurting me more than the strap could ever do
‘ i am so sorry, so very sorry ‘ i cry,,, tears of frustration and pain on my face as i look at Him, hoping He will see the sorrow on my face
Leaning over He kisses my tears on my face, His tongue taking them as i close my eyes,,
‘ I am trying to teach you to be the best you can be for Me My kitten but for Me to do that you must learn to listen and hear My words, if you are unsure ask Me, tell Me, make Me understand what you are confused about but you must not try to guess what I desire,, what I need, what I could want from you , I will tell you all of those things when you need to know them , now I need to punish you for not listening ,, I am sorry but you have to learn ‘ His words soothe me , tell me that He cares,, that He wishes me to be all i can be for Him
‘ Yes Sir,, i do understand and i am sorry Sir i truly am ‘ i humbly reply
‘ To the rack , and place your arms above your head,, your legs spread apart and your stomach against the frame,, NOW’ He commands,, His instructions clear and precise ,,, moving swiftly i hurry to the rack and assume the position that He had stated
My eyes closing as i feel the cool hard wood against my stomach , the breeze in the room washing over my hot ass,, teasing my pussy as i stretch my legs open ,, placing them against the legs of the frame as i wait for Him
He moves around the frame,, His hand moving between my legs as i press harder to the frame,, eyes closing as He releases the switch ,, dropping the dildo which is built into the frame casing between my spread legs,, i feel it against my lips,, a soft groan as i feel the hardness against my ache
He moves behind me,, His voice in my ear as He tells me to remain still , to not move, to relax and He promises i will enjoy my punishment
The first strike from the strap landing on my ass,,, making me jump,,, pressing hard against the dildo as my body tries to evade the strap ,, groaning as i slide my wet lips over it, the next strike follows quickly making my body jerk ,, shudder as the burning on my ass is replaced by the throbbing in my pussy,, the next strike,, landing swiftly against me ,, my pussy lips open around the dildo ,, rubbing on it as He continues to teach me a lesson ,, my body jerking and struggling ,, the pain on my ass mixing with the pleasure in my cunt,, my whole body shaking as i moan , plead with Him beg Him as each strike lands swiftly and firmly ,, my voice quivering as i assure Him i have learnt my lessons and please, please, please, no more Sir
‘ you are going to listen to Me now ? ‘ He asks ?
Nodding my head frantically i tell Him yes ,, i have learnt and i will listen, i will learn , i will please Him
His hands grasp my burning, stinging ass and push me futher onto the dildo, holding my body hard to it as He tells me to close my eyes,, close my eyes and open my mind, let Him into my head , let Him control His body and bring it pleasure,
My eyes close as i feel His hands stroking me , His voice, rich and seductive in my ear as He whispers, as He tells me all the ways He is going to take me , make me His , my body quivering , trying desperately to stand still , His hands and voice taking me to a wonderful place, my juices coating the dildo as He talks to me , His suggestions and words rining in my ears and mind as i feel my whole body throbbing , my pleasure building as my mind pictures His actions , His body moving behind mine and pressing against me , but still His voice soothes me ,, teases me , torments me with its suggestions , a long deep moan in my throat as my fingers grip the frame above my head, my body pulsing , throbbing, aching for release as He build me up,
‘ Do you want to cum My slut ? Do you need release My whore ?’ His voice vibrates in my head , whimpering i beg Him , plead with Him to let me , please let me cum for Him
‘ Now you listen to My words don’t you ,, now you hear what I say ,, well I am saying no ,, you may not cum,, hold it ,, control it ,, feel it running through you as you struggle to contain it ,, if you want to cum then you must learn to control and wait for My command,, wait for My words that will give you the pleasure you desire ‘ His voice firm yet gentle echoing inside me as i moan,, my body taut,, stretched,, nerves tense as i wait,,, my eyes closing tight as i bite my lips,, trying desperately to obey,, to hold it ,, to endure,, my body writhing against His as i struggle to contain it
‘ CUM NOW ‘ He whispers loudly in my ear ‘ Give Me your orgasm NOW ‘
Loud moans,, deep sounds coming from within me as my body explodes,, shuddering ,, shaking,, trembling as the power takes me , juices running from me as i feel wave after wave of intense pleasure washing over my ,, my legs grow weak ,, my body sags against the frame as i feel my cunt pulse,, clenching and unclenching on nothing as i take the pleasure He has given me,, take the joy He has allowed me
His hands touching my back as i rub my aching pussy against the dildo,, covering it with my cum as i groan ,, turning my head i look at Him , His smile wide as He takes my lips,, stealing my breath as i continue to cum,, His hands moving over me ,, stroking my ass as He kisses me hard and deep,,, head spinning as i finally feel my orgasm ebbing,, slowing down,, just after shocks making me jerk as He pulls from me
‘ Listen to My words ,, do not try to guess, do not try to assume,, listen to Me My sweet and this pleasure you feel will be constant ‘
Taking my arms from the frame He guides me to His chair,, my cushions on the floor beside it as He gently places me on them,,
‘ Rest for Me ,,, then it will be your turn My slave, your turn to please Me’ He smiles ,, closing my eyes as i slump onto my cushions, curled up as i sigh ,images running through my head of what i will do to Him,,, a small smile as i remember,, what He will allow me to do for Him


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