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kitten is stepping back into the world ……… slowly

Posted on: August 6, 2008

This blog started as a place for kitten to write her thoughts down, she had no one to tell all her fears and doubts, all her worries and insecurities, at the time of starting this kitten was alone with only Master to turn to and He ( bless Him ) was being pulled in opposite directions by two sisters fighting over stupid things and stupid implications, the old she said this so i said that mentality and while things are still not completely healed kitten and her sister sort of talk, well Master is a postman and asks questions from one to the other ( again, poor Master) so who knows, maybe in a while things will get better and Master can take a side step and not be in the middle,

In the time kitten has been writing this a lot has happened some good some bad but all a learning experience and the lessons learnt are ones not to be forgotten,

Kitten has seen the return of her old Master and all that it entailed; she has cried and hurt so bad at times she wondered when it would ever stop. Kitten has pushed and pushed at Master and yet still He held on, tighter and tighter, surrounding kitten in His love for her, while all the time kitten struggled against Him, finally realising this is where she belongs and where she needs to be.

Kitten has seen the so much in the 3 months she has been with Master, so many things happening and so many changes, some good and some not so good but the one thing that has changed is kitten, she pulled away, she hid herself from others as she could not deal with things, but now it is time to go back into the world again, time to return to those who love her, it will be a gradual thing though as kitten needs to know she can take the blows, and there will be some she is sure, but kitten talks to no one but Master and that is not right or fair, to Master or kitten, its time for kitten to start to live her life again ,, its time for kitten to be kitten,, Masters kitten


1 Response to "kitten is stepping back into the world ……… slowly"

her friends are waiting to welcome kitten back into our world again, we never lost sight of our wonderful friend and her problems. Always wishing her well and keeping her in our thoughts ans prayers.What ever time it takes we will be ready to enjoy her always smiling face and sweet personality in our lives, we love you kitten and will be here when you are ready.

Love red.

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