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One small act

Posted on: August 5, 2008

Kitten has a lot of faith in words and actions of others, whether good or bad kitten reads and takes to heart things either done or said and at times that is a major stumbling block to her, she needs words as much as some people need cuddles and hugs, yes kitten loves those as well but she values words so much more.

Have you ever written something or wrote something that is not said as it is in your head? kitten has and has been at the receiving end as well and that makes life hard but kitten is learning that not all things said need to have actions applied to them, so what if some do not like kitten that is their loss not kittens, so what if others feel jealousy or animosity towards her, they do not know kitten as they are not allowing themselves to and again that is their loss as kitten is a person to depend on, she will fight you battle to the end and like a bulldog she will keep coming back for more until she is worn down.

Today Master did something, something so small to others but to kitten it was immense, that alone showed kitten her worth and her value, its silly how one small thing can brighten kittens day, how one small act that probably never even registered as being anything out of the ordinary can boost a slaves self esteem, and for that one small act kitten thanks Master so very much, and by that one small act it made kitten realise, it doesn’t matter about those who do not like kitten, it doesn’t matter about those who wish her harm, as she knows that she is worth knowing, she is someone who will enrich others lives if given the chance

Kitten is kitten, she is a slave and she is valued and loved, she has few friends but those she holds close she will defend and protect with all she is kitten is Masters kitten and safe in that knowledge


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