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kitten screws up again

Posted on: August 5, 2008

Kitten is kitten and once again she screwed up last night, pushing and pushing, not arguing as such but asking questions she didn’t want the answers to yet when she got the answers she pushed some more

Master said last night that no matter what He answered then it would be wrong and that was so true, kitten had her mind, while not made up, set into what she thought, she was comparing herself to others about a certain thing and while it is something that is normal for anyone to do it was something that kitten should not have brought up

Do you ever ask a question not wanting the answer? Do you ever open your mouth and wish you hadn’t? Kitten did and while what she was asking about was a valid question it was something that kitten had no right to ask, kitten is treated as Master sees fit and not as kitten sees fit, there is a vast difference and just because kitten wants something does not mean it will be so.

Kitten wants to be kitten yet she compares herself to others and as Master pointed out, it is His choice what He does, how He does it and with whom He does it, and that kitten sees now, kitten in the end did feel sorry for Master as when He said He would consider kittens request kitten told Him no as if it was something He had wanted then He would have done it already so now if He does it it will not be because He wants to but because kitten asked,, confused,? Well so was Master, as no matter what He said it would not have been right

Kitten loves her Master and she is torn at the moment, she doesn’t want to be here she wants to be there but in order for that to happen them kitten needs to get her head straight, she needs to know that she will be welcomed and wanted and at times that is not the impression kitten gets from others but hopefully that has changed, Master has assured her that it will not be a problem and kitten believes Him, now all kitten needs to do is communicate more with Master, talk more with Him, play more with Him as by doing that kitten will know if W/we truly are compatible, kitten has a strong feeling that W/we are she just needs those feeling reinforced and that is why she was asking the questions last night,


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